Those that control time, control everything ...
On the distant planet of Forever World, lies a timeless construct created by an unknown, ancient alien race. This construct is known as the Guardian of Forever, which is a gateway to the time vortex that allows access to other times and dimensions. The Guardian is located in a neutral sector of space and two powerful races, the Sindareen and Cardassians, have staked claim to Forever World and the Guardian itself. With the Sindareen and Cardassians on the brink of war, the Federation is forced to intervene, establishing itself as mediator and a keeper of the peace. However, both the Sindareen and Cardassians are not easily swayed and they threaten the peace of the entire quadrant. If either of these races were to gain control of the Guardian of Forever, the negative repercussions would be limitless. And with the fate of time and space hanging in the balance, Starfleet must stand firm and protect that which protects all existence.

For those that control time … control everything.