1.1 Priceless


After a territory dispute in the Gateway Sector results in the deaths of Federation civilians, Starfleet has no choice but to establish a presence in the area. And it's soon discovered that what was thought to be a simple conflict is something far worse, with the fate of all hanging in the balance …

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Notes of Interest

  1. The Sindareen attack a Cardassian Mining Complex at Nervala II (Gateway Sector), and a Federation Colony (Beta) gets caught up in the crossfire, and is virtually destoryed.
  2. News of The Nervala II Incident travels fast and the Alpha Quadrant goes into an uproar of anger and protest.
  3. Admiral Jellico organizes a new Starfleet crew tasked to help maintain peace in the Gateway Sector - Outpost 112 / Forever World.
  4. Captain Daniel Carlin is assigned as commanding officer of Outpost 112.
  5. The USS Southern Cross is the first responder to Nervala II and has a slight confrontation with the Sindareen.
  6. The Southern Cross crew provides relief aid to the injured colonists at Beta Colony.
  7. Gateway Resistance Freedom Fighter, Marc Sekler, devises a plan to retaliate against the Sindareen & Cardassians. He recruits new members to his cause.
  8. Carlos Rivera is promoted to Admiral and given command of the USS Nemesis. The Nemesis, along with other Federation Starships, join the Southern Cross at Nervala II to assist with the relief effort.
  9. Protestors all across the Alpha Quadrant lash out (and physically attack) at the Federation and Starfleet, claiming the Federation is handling the attack at Nervala II badly. The protestors want justice.
  10. The Cardassian Government sends re-enforcements to Nervala II, which is considered a declaration of war with the Sindareen.
  11. The Federation attempts to drive for a compromise with both the Sindareen and Cardassians, but all initial attempts fail.
  12. The mandate at Nervala II to provide relief is changed to evacuation for fear of the colonists safety.
  13. This only exacerabates the anger within the Alpha Quadrant and Gateway Sector, and rioting and attacks ensue.
  14. The Sindareen, Cardassians, and the Federation reach a standoff at Nervala II. The situation seems as though it is going to difuse, when suddenly a squadron of Gateway Resistance Ships attack all three factions.
  15. A huge battle takes place high above Nervala II's orbit.
  16. Marc Sekler, commanding officer of the Avalanche, has a Sarium Krellide weapon on his ship and thus destroys many ships, Sindareen, Cardassian, and Federation alike.
  17. The USS Al-Batani sustains heavy damage.
  18. When the battle is at its worst, Captain Carlin, with the two ships the Spirit of St. Louis and the Bonhomme Richard, arrives just in time to help save the situation.
  19. The Gateway Resistance transport all Nervala II colonists to their ships and finally retreat.
  20. Commander Geoffrey Giles is able to convince the Sindareen that they made several mistakes at Nervala II and should agree to assist the Federation in the future.
  21. The Sindareen agree to Giles' terms and a peace conference between the Sindareen and Cardassians is set.
  22. Having asked the Guardian of Forever many questions, Lt. de Blois discovers information about a mysterious alien race, the Azgowl, and a key called the Amberlyth, which is capable of locking and unlocking the Guardian's portals.