1.2 The Differences Between


With the Nervala II Incident now behind them, the Federation faces the difficult task of reconciling the torn parties within the Gateway Sector. And a diplomatic retreat serves as the first step to compromise. However, unexpected events disrupt the peace talks and threaten reconciliation entirely. Now the crew of Outpost 112 must take action to help restore order before it’s too late …

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Notes of Interest

  1. The crew of Outpost 112 begins preparations for the Sindareen/Cardassian Peace Conference at the planet of Talar.
  2. Dr. Kai and Lt. de Blois convince Captain Carlin to allow them to investigate the Az'Gowl mystery.
  3. Kai plans to visit a colleague, Freman Bell-Auk, who owns a library on Talar. Kai believes Bell-Auk might have information about the Az'Gowl.
  4. It is reported that Gateway City Police Chief - Gary Robinson - was found dead at his home.
  5. Evan McNamara is brought in for questioning for the death of Chief Robinson.
  6. Ashley Rogers anticipates the arrival of her younger sister, Sarah.
  7. Having heard of the allegations against McNamara, Dr. Petra Shannon goes to visit him.
  8. McNamara suspects Marc Sekler responsible for the death of Chief Robinson and chooses to investigate.
  9. Doctor Shannon insists on going with McNamara.
  10. Unbeknownst to McNamara, his shuttle is tagged with a tracking beacon by the SEALs assigned to the USS Southern Cross.
  11. Captain Hunter recruits Commander Jezri Rix to be a mole in the Gateway Resistance. He tasks Commander Jolel with helping Rix get started.
  12. Commander Storm and Major Hirsch travel to Talar to set up security measures for the peace retreat.
  13. Gul Vacet (from the future) visits Bell-Auk, takes all documentation on the Az'Gowl, and then kills Bell-Auk.
  14. The Resistance Task Force track McNamara to the planet of Kelari and set up a SEALs mission to investigate further.
  15. The SEALs discover the Resistance hideout and find a weapons manufactoring plant and a hangerbay filled with attack ships.
  16. On Talar, the conference starts off badly as the Sindareen do not make an appearance at the conference banquet.
  17. The SEALs set up explosives and destroy the weapons and ships inside the planetoid. Doctor Shannon is accused of leading Starfleet to the Resistance Hideout.
  18. Cardassians, in search of McNamara, detect the explosions in the planetoid and investigate.
  19. Cardassians beam down to the planetoid and fighting ensues. McNamara is captured by the Cardi's in the process.
  20. Ashley Rogers and her younger sister decide to leave the conference banquet and visit a Talarian Museum. Unfortunately, the museum is taken hostage by Sindareen Raiders.
  21. Marc Sekler escapes the planetoid before being captured.
  22. Captain Carlin and crew handle the hostage situation.
  23. The Cardassians take control of the planetoid but offer McNamara over to the Federation as a sign of friendship.
  24. One of the Sindareen escape with Ashley Rogers as a hostage. They end up in Talarian Jungle and battle each other.
  25. Carlin and crew mount a search and rescue, and get to Ashley just in time.
  26. The Cardassians turn over McNamara to the Task Force and claim a desire to be allies.
  27. Conflicts are resolved but tensions between the Cardassians and Sindareen increase.