1.3 Piety


It's a spiritual time on the planet Forever World with thousands traveling from all around to pay homage during this sacred occasion. One particular religious group comes to the planet to pay its respects to the Guardian of Forever before embarking on a vastly important pilgrimage. Soon, however, the group's religious practices cause disturbances at Forever World (and Outpost 112). And this problematic group soon reveals its true intent, an intent that if not stopped, could lead to the death of thousands …

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Notes of Interest

  1. It is a sacred time of year for the people of Forever World known as the Forever World Gala. Thousands from all over the quadrant have traveled to Forever World to celebrate.
  2. The large group of Edemians travel to Forever World and are upset to discover that they cannot worship around the Guardian of Forever due to a possible security threat.
  3. Lieutenant DeBlois is caught soliciting prostitution. She is placed temporarily in the brig, where she suffers from not having her dialysis treatment.
  4. Engineering, Lt. Michael Burnstein is introduced. He is a co-worker with Captain Geordi LaForge.
  5. LaForge and Burnstein have been tasked with refitting the Resistance Task Force Starships, better equipping them for combat.
  6. Dr. Divash treats DeBlois and is first introduced to McNamara. They exchange banter with each other.
  7. Mas Marko, spiritual leader of the Edemians, presses Capt. Carlin and his crew, in the hopes of worshiping in front of the Guardian.
  8. Kali and Ferrari begin their interogation of prisoner, Evan McNamara, who has a lot of information about the Romulan Arms-Dealers in the Alpha Quadrant.
  9. It is discovered that Mas Marko's son, Rasa, is very ill, but by Edemian religion, the boy is unable to receive medical attention.
  10. McNamara refuses to cooperate, and insults Commander Kali, which leads to her attacking him during the interogation.
  11. Kali is relieved from duty by Capt. Carlin.
  12. Meanwhile, the Edemains continue to press the OP112 Crew, but Carlin refuses to compromise.
  13. McNamara finally agrees to cooperate but on his terms - assist in the sting operation in exchange for his release.
  14. Rev. Sophia Nikedoros is introduced.
  15. Section 31 approaches Cmdr. Rogers to rejoin the department.
  16. McNamara chooses Divash to be a part of the sting operation. This does not go over well with Divash.
  17. Kali and Ferrari become romantically involved.
  18. Doctor Shannon investigates Rasa's sickness and discovers that it can be cured. She tries to convince Marko and his wife, Azira, to let Rasa receive treatment. Marko refuses.
  19. The Edemian crowd continues to test the Outpost 112 perimeter and eventually there is an Edemian casuality.
  20. Dom Riser is introduced.
  21. After further investigation, Rev. Nikedoros discovers that the Edemian Heaven is the energy ribbon, the Nexus.
  22. After much dilberation, Capt. Carlin finally decides to let the Edemians worship before the Guardian of Forever.
  23. Rasa falls seriously ill and unbeknownst to his father, Marko, Rasa's mother, Azira, allows Dr. Shannon to treat the boy, curing him of his illness.
  24. Having disobeyed the will of K'olkr, Azira and Rasa are shunned by Mas Marko forever.
  25. The engineering staff of the Southern Cross discover sabatoge within the USS Southern Cross.
  26. Too late to stop the sabatoge's destruction, the Southern Cross is destroyed by a bomb planted in the engineering Core.
  27. Captain Silas Hunter is killed in the explosion.
  28. The Task Force attend Dom Riser's Gala, where they apprehend Talbot and his Romulan Arms-Dealer associates.
  29. The apprehnsion of Talbot leads to many civilian casualities.
  30. Evan McNamara and Petra Shannon come to terms with their relationship, realizing they can't be together.
  31. It is revealed that McNamara has been an undercover Intelligence operative for Starfleet for the past two years. Capt. Carlin investigates further.
  32. McNamara is forced to leave the Alpha Quadrant as per the terms of his release.
  33. Mas Marko and his Edemian Followers travel to the Nexus and their ships can't withstand the force of the energy ribbon. Two of the ships send out a distress call.
  34. Capt. Carlin and his crew respond. They travel by wormhole on the USS Bonhomme Richard.
  35. Meanwhile, Major Hirsch and some of the remaining crew assist with the civilian casualites.
  36. Carlin and company try to assist the trapped Edemian ships but Mas Marko fires on them, and they Bonhomme Richard crew itself ends up in the Nexus.
  37. The crew experience their own version of Heaven.
  38. By fast thinking, Paige Reagan and Burnie free the Bonhomme Richard from the Nexus.
  39. The crew returns with many angry/confused Edemians. Mas Marko is thought to have been accepted by the Nexus.
  40. With Captain Hunter dead, Captain Carlin is given command of the Task Force.
  41. Ferrari and the SEALs are transferred to OP112. As are Reagan and Burnstein.
  42. The OP112 Crew attempts to help the injured (both Edemian & Gateway Civilian alike) but quickly realize that they are disliked, and that Forever World is becoming a hot bed for conflict.
  43. Lieutenant Burstein discovers that Gul Vacet travelled through time and sabatoged the Southern Cross.
  44. The Cardassians aprehend Vacet, thus creating better realtions between the Cardassian Union and the Federation.