1.4 Fate's Window


The crew of Outpost 112 encounters a shift in space-time, changing the timeline into a post-apocalyptic reality where the Cardassians are at war with the Sindareen and the Federation is virtually destroyed. The only one that realizes this reality change is Mela Darren, and she must convince the others of this change so that they can right the timeline, and return it to its proper reality …

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Notes of Interest

  • With the Cardassians having captured Gul Vacet for his crimes committed against the Federation, better relations are established between the Cardassian Union and the Federation of Planets.
  • Ambassador Menal is scheduled to meet with the crew of Outpost 112 to begin peace treaty talks.
  • Nurse Mela Darren experiences returning headaches for reasons unknown.
  • Doctor Shannon and Lt. Commander Gutierrez pursue their romantic relationship.
  • Lt. Commander James McGovern is introduced, as the Chief of Security of OP112. He also has a double assignment to investigate Commander t'Leiya, as an undercover Intel Officer.
  • Commander Geoffrey Giles is transferred to Cardassia Prime to further peace talks.
  • OP112 hosts a banquet in honor of the Ambassador Menal and her Cardassian counter-parts.
  • At the banquet, Mela experiences a severe headache and reality changes around her, into a post-apocalyptic universe.
  • It is revealed that Daniel Carlin and Evan McNamara are members of the Resistance. During a joint mission to attain information on a chemcial warfare agent called Cytotoxin, Evan McNamara is killed.
  • Confused by the time change, Mela Darren is rescued by an underground Resistance faction, led by Marc Sekler and former OP112 COs.
  • It is revealed that Petra Shannon is pregnant with Evan McNamara's baby.
  • Angered by McNamara's death, Carlin leaves the Resistance.
  • Darid Kai has lives on topside Forever World, and labeled a crazy old man. However, he is used by the Guardian as a catalyst in fixing the timeline.
  • Kai reaches out to Michelle Vadala and Daniel Carlin.
  • Mela attempts to inform the Resistance that the timeline is wrong and that it must be changed back to normal.
  • DeBlois, Nikedoros, and Divash work collectively for a cure for the Cytotoxin.
  • Ferrari has taken control of war tactics against the Cardassians. He is married to Kali t'Leiya but has an affair with Paige Reagan.
  • De'Arth, Hughley, and Kurosawa are introduced. They are new members of Ferrari's SEALs team.
  • Aurtier Sorena and Elayne Galen are introduced, as Furies Resistance Members.
  • Ashley Rogers, with Sec 31 handler Renee, fight against the Cardassians using terroist type tactics.
  • Kai speaks to Vadala and Kai about the Guardian and how he must speak with the ancient, alien artifact. He must understand what went wrong in the timeline.
  • Determined, Carlin leads an away team to track down Gul Gotto, who can get them access to the Guardian. Major Hirsch joins Carlin and company.
  • The story of Jenna Orataft is revealed, focusing on the conflict between her and Gul Aultack, the Cardassian who killed her family.
  • Michael Burnstein finds out about Ferrari and Reagan's affair and is hurt by the revelation.
  • In search of more information, Mela flees the Resistance compound but is captured by the Cardassians. She is saved by Ferrari and his SEALs team.
  • It is revealed that the Federation has decided to bomb Cardassia and Forever World with weapons of mass destruction.
  • Carlin, Hirsch, Vadala, and Kai journey to meet Gotto, but run into many obstacles along the way.
  • De'Arth is left for dead during the Mela Darren rescue mission.
  • Rogers and Renee meet Kurilenko and Kurosawa during their exploits against the Cardassians.
  • Later, Rogers and Renee are tasked by Sec31 to destroy the primary Cytotoxin plant. Kurilenko and Kurosawa agree to help.
  • Aurtier and her Furies Resistance are injured in battle with the Cardassians, and they rescue a boy. They ultimately decide to bring the boy to the Resistance and to receive medical aid in the process.
  • Legate Vacet returns from the past and makes plans to strike against the Resistance once and for all. Massive attacks against the Resistance take place all over Forever World.
  • It is revealed that the Guardian of Forever is helping the Resistance against Vacet.
  • Carlin and company discover a shuttle with weapons equipment. It is decided for their team is to split, Hirsch and Vadala bringing these weapons to Ferrari and his team, while Carlin and Kai continue to pursue Gotto.
  • With help from the Guardian, Carlin and Kai convince Gotto to help them infultrate the Citadel.
  • The Resistance attacks the Cardassian Citadel, allowing Carlin, Kai, and Gotto to sneak in.
  • Aware of the Resistance's plan, Vacet arrives at the Citadel to stop them.
  • The official order given by President Lishek, Starfleet drops weapons of mass destruction on Cardassia Prime and the Gateway Sector, including Forever World.
  • With Vacet distracted, Kai questions the Guardian on how to stop Vacet.
  • Vacet kills Gotto and Carlin, but is unable to stop Kai from entering the Guardian of Forever.
  • The Gateway Sector is destroyed by Starfleet's WMDs.
  • Kai enters the Guardian's portal and in a flash, the timeline returns to normal.