1.5 Beyond The Stars And Heaven

Beyond the Stars and Heaven is an episode shared between Star Trek: Forever and Star Trek: The Infinite.


The Void has begun to manifest itself across the galaxy, swallowing entire systems seemingly at random with Romulus and Earth its most recent victims. Decimated by the brutal war with the Rukakon Hierarchy, what little remains of the Federation is spread across a handful of planets or stowed away on one of the vast Atlas-class colony ships. Even so, the Rukakon Warleader, Ser Talvad, appears intent on their complete annihilation, sending his vast fleets in for one last crushing blow.

Unbeknownst to those outside, the Void is not the absence of matter but quite the opposite: those ships, planets and stars which fell into it have come together, sometimes violently, in a grand collision of matter. Not everything survives the transition, but those who had often fell prey to the dominant power within the Void: a telepathic race known as The Purity.

Many have entered the Void. Now a group of survivors intend to be the first to escape…


Darid Kai, a protector of existence, is sent back to the past by the Guardian of Forever, to stop Gul Vacet from altering the rightful timeline. In a race against the clock, Kai must retrieve the Amberlyth Key and stop Vacet at all cost, lest the future become a fate far worse than death …

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Notes of Interest

  • Using the Guardian of Forever's portal, Darid Kai makes the jump from the post-apocalyptic 2386 to 2383, where the Rukakon War is at its climax and the Void has consumed an extremely large portion of both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.
  • Both Fleet Prime and Independent Fleet form a shakey alliance in order to save the remaining Federation colonists at Coridan and Proxima Centauri.
  • Commander Evan McNamara, CO of the USS Aegis, leads a small fleet against the advancing Rukakon at Coridan.
  • Commodore Stephen Zelazko returns to Starbase Trinity Core and calls in Indy Fleet ships to protect the starbase.
  • A victum of Section 31 betrayal, Ashley Rogers has spent a lengthy period of time in a Rukakon Prison, at Planet Netafari.
  • Captain Carlin, CO of the USS Chausser, continues to monitor Rukakon activity at Planet Beta, second homeworld to the Rukes.
  • Captain Hirsch and fellow Marines are called into frontline battle at Proxima Centuari.
  • Tasked by Starfleet Intelligence, Lieutenant Ferrari and his team of SEALs investigate planet Netafari, in search for Ashley Rogers.
  • Blaming McNamara for the death of his brother, Rukakon Tir Vahkt boards the USS Aegis and captures McNamara, bringing him to the Rukakon ship, the Nuksamun.
  • Commander Kali t'Leiya, first officer of the Aegis, has no choice but to assume command of the Aegis.
  • The USS Steamrunner, an Independent Fleet Ship, assists Fleet Prime at Coridan. Lieutenant Vadala is an engineer serving on the Steamrunner.
  • Lead by Rear Admiral Novaq, several starships attempt to escape the Void, with the help of Federation assitance on the outside.
  • The Ghost Module of Trinity Core is used as a portal between the Void and the Home Alternate.
  • Cadet Victorique DeBlois is called to SB Trinity Core to assist with Project Infinite, the task force assigned to put down the Void.
  • Captain Carlin and the USS Chausser discovered Commander Calgary and her Un-Registered Defiant Class near Planet Beta. It is revealed that both Indy and Prime Fleets have been running intel on the planet. Both sides decide to work together.
  • Carlin helps Calgary retrieve her SEALs team and discovers that Ashley Rogers has been held prisoner at a Netafari Prison Camp.
  • After beating McNamara close to death, Vahkt realizes that McNamara is not responsible for the death of his brother. Vahkt decides that the Rukakon's mandate to destroy the weak Federation is wrong. He and a small following break away from Ser Talvad's orders.
  • McNamara agrees to speak on Vahkt's behalf at Trinity Core, in the hopes of a Rukakon/Federation Alliance against Talvad.
  • The Rukakon and Cardassians make a run at Bajor.
  • Admiral Jellico leads the counter attack at Bajor.
  • Lt. Commander Aurtier struggles to protect the leadership at the Federation Embassy, including President Lishek and Aurtier's mother.
  • McNamara and the Rukakon arrive at Trinity and receive a less than stellar welcome. Commodore Zelazko and Commander McNamara butt heads.
  • Forming a shaky alliance, Starfleet and the rebel Rukakon make a run for the Rukakon Heirarchy at the Rukakon homeworlds.
  • Captain Carlin, Ashley Rogers, and Lt. Ferrari lead an away mission to gain access to the Rukakon Homeworlds.
  • Talvad's Fleet attack SB Trinity Core. Ankor actually kills Commodore Stephen Zelazko.
  • The Void continues to expand and Starfleet does all it can to transport civilians to safety.
  • Lt. Abe Daggett assists Lt. Shaya Aleston in solving the mystery of her Cesere transformation. It resolves with Shaya joining/leading the Cesere.
  • Dying, Zelazko informs McNamara of a secret involving Nishichiro knowing what is responsible for the Void.
  • With Zelazko dead, Commander McNamara assumes command of SB Trinity Core and Project Infinite.
  • McNamara confronts Professor Nishichiro about the secret. The two resolve their issue and agree to work together in surviving the Void.
  • Ferrari leads an away to the Rukakon Homeworlds, accompanied by Tir Vahkt (Ebik).
  • It is revealed the Talvad has murdered the Rukakon Heirarchy.
  • Ferrari, Rogers, and Ebik confront Ser Talvad in combat.
  • Vacet goes to Forever World and manipulates the timeline, altering the past.
  • Admiral Jellico and a mix of Prime and Indy Fleet drive back the Rukakon and Cardassians at Bajor.
  • Darid Kai, now accompanied by his ex-wife, Bethany, travel to Forever World to stop Vacet.
  • Project Infinite links the three modules of Trinity Core to create a containment field that protects its inhabitances from the Void's final expanse.
  • Kai confronts Vacet at the Guardian. A fight ensues which results in Bethany's death. Vacet jumps through the Guardian's portal and Kai follows him in.
  • The SEALs away team and Ebik defeat Talvad. Starfleet reinforcements engage the Ruke Homeworlds.
  • Realizing his plan is unraveling, Admiral Drake flees from Starfleet custody.
  • Doctor Shannon is conflicted with her feelings for Evan McNamara and Matthew Blackfoot.
  • Soon after the Rukakon and Federation agree to end fighting, the Purity arrive out of the Void, thus plunging the battered Starfleet back into yet another conflict.
  • Captain Ryan Galen of the Bismarck, leads a small fleet to protect the planet Bajor from the Void.
  • Rear Admiral Novaq investigates how to defend a mental attack from the Purity.
  • The USS Swamp Fox joins forces with the USS Godwin to help rescue Orion Evacuees from the Void.
  • Iori Minase and her band get in trouble when they perform a concert on the Bajor wire. They end up in jail.
  • The Guardian of Forever brings Vacet and Kai to the Amberlyth Key. The two fight for the key and leads to Vacet being transported to a plain of nonexistence. Kai becomes a tool of the Guardian of Forever, thus becoming a guardian of time himself.
  • The Void expands and restructures the universe.
  • Captain Ryan Galen and a small fleet of ships create a protective web around Bajor. The web breaks, however, and parts of Bajor are effected by the Void.
  • It is revealed that Parks Napier is in fact Neilan Loran. Loran tricks McNamara and springs a trap. Loran stabs McNamara and then flees SB Trinity Core.
  • Suspecting Evan to be in danger, Petra rushes to his aid and finds him stabbed and dying. Petra attempts to save Evan.
  • It is revealed the Lloigor and the Purity are the same race, and the two engage in a blood feud.
  • The Void has its final expanse and restructures everything, even wiping out most of the Purity. The swings the battle heavily in Starfleet and its allies favor.
  • The Chausser is struck by the Void expanse and Captain Carlin is taken by the Void.
  • Ferrari and Rogers are forced to work together as the senior staff on the Chausser.
  • Having escaped Trinity Core, Loran willingly flies a shuttle into the Void and is torn apart by Fate.
  • Seth tracks down Autumn and discovers she is being used as a fighter in a death match. Seth confronts the buyer of Autumn and it is revealed to be Tor Kelin.
  • Max Hertzog saves his daughter, Mystery, from the Cesere.
  • The Void creates aftershocks which destroy many starships, including the USS Swamp Fox.
  • Captain Jeremiah Daggett is killed by these aftershocks.
  • Doctor Shannon saves Evan McNamara's life.
  • The Void has its final expanse and returns the universe to a sense of order. Earth and Romulus return.
  • Captain Carlin is found on Mars, recovering from memory loss.
  • Ashley Rogers is convicted of her crimes and placed in a Federation Prison.
  • Admiral Novaq and Admiral Drake are thought to be dead.
  • Commander McNamara retires from Starfleet.
  • Commander Kali is recruited to Starfleet Intelligence.
  • Doctor Kai restores order to the timeline and 2386 returns as it should be.