1.6 Merchant Of War


An invaluable lead draws the crew of OP112 closer to identifying the mysterious Merrisod, a ruthless arms-dealer in the Gateway Sector. However, Merrisod's cunning and cruelty come to bear on Carlin and crew in a way they could never imagine. And the only way Carlin and company can defeat Merrisod is by seeking the help of a well-known adversary …

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Notable Events

  1. Lt. Commander Ferrari and the SEALs follow a lead from the criminal Talbot to the planet Isolon. Isolon is thought to be an arms lab and hideout for Merrisod.
  2. The lead is a trap and the lab explodes, severely injuring the SEALs Team.
  3. Captain Carlin meets with Admiral Luc about the identity of Renee Hernandez.
  4. Carlin's snooping into Hernandez's file draws attention from Section 31.
  5. Akorem Lin continues to gain momentum in his presidental campaign.
  6. Commander Kali continues to interrogate Talbot.
  7. Carlin takes the SEALs off of active duty due to their injuries.
  8. Admiral Lynch contacts Renee Hernadez, telling her that Ashley Rogers must kill Captain Carlin. Renee refuses and strikes a counter deal, taking full responsiblity for the outcome.
  9. Renee confronts Carlin, convicing him to back off of her and Section 31, in order to protect Ashley Rogers.
  10. Renee and Ashley become intimately involved.
  11. Doctor Shannon and Lt. Commander Gutierrez are captured by the Gateway Resistance while on a date in Gateway City.
  12. Marc Sekler sets Gutierrez free but keeps Petra in custody.
  13. Gutierrez is picked up by Gateway City Police and taken to the city hospital. The OP112 crew pick him up.
  14. Investigation into the explosion at Isolon, reveals evidence of the Progenitor Artifact energy. The artifact is DNA from the Progenitor.
  15. Captain Carlin takes an away team back to Isolon to further investigate the explosion site.
  16. Romulans are already present at the scene and confront the OP112 crew.
  17. Both sides work together, in a shaky alliance, to investigate the explosion.
  18. Sindareen Raiders arrive and attack both the OP112 crew and the Romulans without provocation.
  19. During the Raider attack, Burnstein discovers a piece of the Progenitor artfiact.
  20. Carlin and crew escape back to OP112, with the artifact piece in tow.
  21. Lt. Burnstein and the science team work on a way to defuse the artifact.
  22. Commander Kali suggests locating Evan McNamara, the foremost expert of the Progenitor and its artifact.
  23. The crew of OP112 continue to interrogate Talbot.
  24. Kurilenko pursues her interest in Dom Riser.
  25. Talbot finally reveals that Merrisod will be meeting with Marc Sekler for an arms-deal at the planet Shaggai.
  26. The OP112 and SEALs prepare for an engagement at Shaggai.
  27. Major Hirsch and an away team track down Evan McNamara and rescue him from Sindareen Raiders.
  28. They bring McNamara back to OP112 and convince him to assist with defusing the Progenitor Artifact.
  29. McNamara helps with the Progenitor Artifact but is more focused on finding Petra Shannon, who is still in Resistance custody.
  30. It is revealed by Tal, Kali's father, that Merrisod is actually Dom Riser, a local city billionaire.
  31. Stunned by the news of Riser, Kurilenko reluctantly agrees to help bring him down.
  32. McNamara and Kali seek out the Resistance to rescue Petra.
  33. Dom Riser reveals he knows about Kurilenko's true identity and takes her prisoner.
  34. Working along side the Romulans, the OP112 Crew and the Gateway Task Force engage the Resistance and Merrisod's Raiders at Shaggai.
  35. A space battle occurs over the planet of Shaggai.
  36. Dom Riser, Marc Sekler, and newcomer, Dyson Fleck beam down to Shaggai, at an aqua refinery.
  37. McNamara and Kali's search for Petra takes an odd turn. They sneak onto a Resistance ship and are actually transported to Shaggai.
  38. The SEALs and an OP112 away team engage Riser and company at the refinery.
  39. During a fight with a Sindareen Raider, McNamara and Kali crack an aqua basin at the refinery, which floods the entire building.
  40. Dom Riser reveals his true intent with the Progenitor Artifact, by using its energy to create super soldiers for the Resistance. He has created four soldiers already and unleashes them on the SEALs and OP112 crew.
  41. The Starfleet Crews fight for their lives against the super soldiers.
  42. Lt. DeBlois uses her science knowledge to turn the soldiers on Riser himself, which leads to his eventual capture.
  43. The fighting at the refinery leads to the Progentior Artifact being knocked loose from its containment, making it highly unstable.
  44. Marc Sekler tries to escape the refinery but is confronted by Evan McNamara. The two fight and it leads to McNamara being paralyzed.
  45. Burnstein beams up the artifact and devices a way to shoot it into a star, thus destroying the artifact. The plan is a success.
  46. Both Dom Riser and Marc Sekler are arrested by Starfleet and handed over to the Romulan authorities.