1.7 Cities Killed Starlight


An ancient relic map provides clues to finding the lost Amberlyth Key. The crew of OP112 follow these clues to a mysterious, abandoned city, prehistoric ruins of a society long extinct. Further investigation reveals the baffling cause behind the deserted city. And the reason is one that could spell certain doom for Carlin and crew …

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Notes of Interest

  1. Three months have passed since the last mission and Evan McNamara has spent this time in a hover-chair, unwilling to participate in physical therapy.
  2. Doctor Divash presses the issue and convinces Evan to cooperate.
  3. Vadala joins the Etesian Project and her command of K7 suffers for it. Carlin relieves her of K7 command.
  4. Lt. Commander Rogers and Renee Hernandez become closer, more romantically involved.
  5. Doctor Shannon has become the primary doctor to the Gateway Resistance.
  6. The members of the Resistance meanwhile do not trust her and often suspect that she is a spy-in-the-waiting.
  7. Ashley Rogers and Renee Hernandez are assigned a mission to Bajor, where they are to free the prisoner Autumn Baval from jail. However, the mission goes bad. They free Baval but are ultimately framed for infecting a Bajoran city with the Cesere Virus.
  8. Dyson Fleck, former Starfleet SEAL, has taken control of the Resistance. He has increased their operational tempo and his aggressive style has led the Resistance into a number of victorious raids against Cardassian targets primarily, but also Sindareen targets.
  9. Fleck's aggressive style does not sit well with many long-term Resistance supporters.
  10. The OP112 crew study the stone map that is to lead them to the Amberlyth Key.
  11. In a major break through, McNamara is possessed by the map and he spouts off coordinates to a Mystery Planet, thought to be home of the Amberlyth Key.
  12. The crew trace the coordinates and ultimately decide to go after it.
  13. Fleck hires hit men to go after the OP112 crew and the Amberlyth Key.
  14. The OP112 use a top secret Federation Starship the USS Etesian for their travels to the Mystery Planet. The Etesian is a time ship and needed to reach the planet, which exists outside space and time.
  15. The crew reach the planet and investigate. Their investigation leads them to a massive ziggurat.
  16. The hitmen follow after the ziggurat away team.
  17. Meanwhile, the SEALs mount a rescue mission for Doctor Petra Shannon.
  18. The Ziggurat is booby trapped and has a lot of strange clues as to what happened to the abandoned mystery planet.
  19. After a serious struggle with the hitmen, the OP112 get their hands on the Amberlyth Key.
  20. A mishap opens a unstable portal which tears the ziggurat apart. It also shifts time and space with interesting results.
  21. Time rewinds for McNamara and he gets the use of his legs back.
  22. With the help of the being known as Q, the OP112 escape the planet with their lives.
  23. Q explains the mysteries of the planet and how it came to be.