1.8 Down On Luck


In a failed attempt to transport international criminal, Marc Sekler, to Federation Authorities, news of his hidden whereabouts goes public, creating an intergalactic breakdown. Upon discovering Sekler’s location, Gateway Sector powerhouses are enticed to take him for their own. Sekler’s head sparks a fevered race between sworn enemies with only the OP112 crew standing in the way. But it’s not enough to stop every criminal, bounty hunter, and skilled assassin within a hundred-light year radius from taking a shot at the prize.

Notes of Interest

  1. Marc Sekler is handed over from Starfleet to the Federation Department of Justice.
  2. The Federation DOJ ship, the USS Kakadu, leaves the Gateway System en route to Federation Space via the Talarian Pass.
  3. The Gateway Resistance attack the USS Kakadu as they enter the Talarian Pass. They jam the ship's distress calls with the assistance of a mercenary ship, the HSV Lowther.
  4. The USS Kakadu manages to get out a distress call and crash-lands on a glaciated planet known as Eutonia.
  5. The transport's distress call draws the attention of the Sindareen, the Cardassians, the Romulans, and the bounty hunters, the Black Dragons.
  6. Dyson Fleck orders a recovery team down to the surface to recover Mark Sekler and kill the crew of the USS Kakadu.
  7. The Cardassian warship CDS Shyllira and Romulan warbird IRW Sienaie are on scene shortly after the crash and the Resistance ships flee before the Cardassians can engage them.
  8. K-7 dispatches the Lightning Lancers to secure the air-space around Eutonia and the crash site.
  9. The Outpost's SEAL team scrambles for rescue and recovery aboard the USS Etesian.
  10. Meanwhile, the IRW Sieniae dispatches a Tei'Khev special forces team disguised as Cardassians to capture or kill Mark Sekler.
  11. Finding the planet's crust rich in sensor-scattering Kelbonite, the SEALs transport down and approach the Kakadu's crash site without knowing if anyone even survived the crash.
  12. The SEALs observe what they think is a Cardassian special forces team entering the Kakadu.
  13. The Lightning Lancers are engaged by recently arrived Sindareen fighters and the USS Etesian comes under fire from a Sindareen warship.
  14. The Resistance' recovery team and the Romulan Tei'Khev teams battle inside the USS Kakadu with both sides taking heavy losses. The Tei'Khev's are vaporized when they are killed leaving no evidence of their presence.
  15. Mark Sekler is recovered by a two-man element of the Resistance, but they are killed in a firefight with the SEALs shortly after. Sekler tries to run, but is hampered by a broken ankle and is caught once more.
  16. A Sindareen strike team prevents the SEALs from fleeing the ship with Sekler leading to a running firefight through the small ship's corridors. The SEALs finally flow a hole in the hull and get out. David Merkava is hit in the process, but is able to keep fighting.
  17. The Kakadu erupts in a large explosion shortly after they make their escape. When the smoke begins to clear, the SEALs find themselves partially surrounded by Dyson Fleck and a few dozen Resistance fighters.
  18. Mark Sekler and the Resistance begin to leave when a flurry of sniper fire begins targeting them and the SEALs and a chaotic battle begins.

#The SEALs retreat into the burning inferno of the Kakadu's remains to obscure themselves from the sniper fire while their own sniper, Nastiya Kurilenko, begins to engage the unknown enemy snipers (Black Dragon mercenaries).
#Merkava's injury is starting to weaken him badly and Ferrari requests that he be evacuated.
#One of the Lightning Lancers, Jesila Naaya, lands on Eutonia near the SEALs position. As Merkava is helped aboard the Warhammer, Colt Jazni is struck in the helmet by a sniper round and is killed.
#The Black Dragons snipers are winnowed finally the SEALs are free to move again. They find that the Resistance was able to escape through the terrain and are moving toward a landed gunship.
#Ferrari and Cibola take off on foot and catch up to the Resistance strike team. Cibola uses an anti-tank rocket to disable the gunship and Ferrari fires a rifle shot through the heart of Dyson Fleck at long range.
#Mark Sekler disappears in the middle of the firefight as a Black Dragons team snatched him and transported away without a trace.
#The SEALs mop up the rest of the snipers and the remaining Resistance fighters on the surface and secure the disabled Resistance gunship and the fighters that chose to surrender.