1.9 Whisper In The Wind


Tensions in Cardassian-Sindareen relations have reached an all-time high with the Sindareen Military seeking to topple Cardassian holdings within the Gateway Sector. Chaos sweeps across the sector as the two sides collide and all eyes turn to the Federation for resolution. Time begins to run out for all involved as more and more innocent people begin to suffer; their cries go seemingly unheard like a Whisper in the Wind …

Notes of Interest

  • Mark Sekler is missing and unaccounted for after the chaotic events that occurred on Eutonia. Intelligence assets believe that he was captured by a mercenary group, but his whereabouts are unknown.
  • Intelligence assets alert Starfleet, and eventually Outpost 112, that the Sindareen military is preparing an offensive against Cardassian assets in Gateway Sector. Starfleet consciously avoids taking sides and does not warn the Cardassians even though the Sindareen fleet and ground forces are sizeable and would overwhelm the Cardassians easily. Major Hirsch has misgivings about concealing this intelligence from his friend, Glinn Karo.
  • Petra Shannon and Evan McNamara's relationship has progressed and they are officially a couple.
  • Ferrari apologizes to Kali, Divash, and Paige Reagan and expresses that he needs to learn to control his emotional side. He begins training with Tybal in order to gain control of it.
  • Glinn Karo was possessed by the Vacet entity and is slowly manipulating events to regain control of his physical body and the Amberlyth Key, which is secured in OP112's secure scientific lab. He requests that Gul Vacet's body be transferred to OP112.
  • Captain Shawn Orataft's whereabouts are discovered. He is being held deep within Sindareen territory.
  • A Dosadi Raider, Lt. T'Ango, arrives via the Starfleet Officer Exchange program and is incorporated into OP112's SEAL team.
  • Federation DOJ Marshal Sam Pelinke is tracking the mercenary group that is holding Mark Sekler with Matt Blackfoot's help.
  • Divash takes her mother, Leata, to visit Evan McNamara at Heaven.
  • Presidential candidate and Federation Councilman from Bajor Akorem Lin publicly exposes and implicates the Cesere outbreak on Bajor as a Section 31 biological attack. He also exposes a list of Section 31's leadership and demands their arrest. Ashley Rogers, posing as a Bajoran security officer, is leaking this information to him.
  • The Cardassian mining facility on Fesagar II comes under attack by Sindareen forces. Captain Carlin and Major Hirsch recall all personnel from the city to the outpost and put in place a standing yellow alert. Fesagar II is within the same star system as a Federation colony, Gede. Divash leaves her mother behind at Heaven with Evan McNamara because of the recall. Leata makes a final attempt to convince Divash to evacuate with the Orion ship in orbit.
  • The Sindareen begin area-wide jamming in Gateway Sector and attacking media transmission relays and civilian ships near Fesagar II denying information to the Federation and the Cardassians.
  • President Lishek orders Captain Carlin to take the Gateway Task Force to defend and evacuate the Gede colony.

*In the middle of the lockdown at the outpost, Matt Blackfoot bridged into sickbay. Intruder alerts immediately activated.
*Cardassian ground troops begin taking over government and businesses in Gateway City - including Heaven.
*Tark Charoset, commanding the Sindareen forces, warns Starfleet and specifically Captain Carlin that Starfleet vessels and installations will be fired upon if they interfere in any way.