Ensign Jesila Naaya

Ensign Jesila Naaya is a Starfleet pilot and member of the 68th Fighter Squadron - Lightning Lancers.

Name : Jesila Naaya
Callsign: Downtown
Rank: Ensign
Department: Flight
Major Area of Study : Astronautics
Minor Area of Study : Flight Operations

Race : Risian
Home Planet : Risa (Suraya Bay)
Age : 24
Height : 5' 10"
Weight : 133 lbs

Physical Description
Jesila wears her strawberry blonde hair long, usually no shorter than her shoulder blades, but no longer than the small of her back. Typically she highlights her hair blue, green, red or purple and changes the colors to match her mood. Jesila has dark brown eyes which appear slightly larger than normal for the size of her face. Her complexion is very fair skinned with a predisposition to freckle on her cheeks, shoulders, back and chest when exposed to strong ultraviolet radiation.

Jesila is more athletically built than most Risians. Instead of soft feminine curves, she is toned and muscular. She adorns herself in jewelry and has piercings in her ears, nose, and navel. She is also adorned with a half dozen intricate tattoos (one on each arm, two on her left leg, one on the right, one on the chest and one on her left buttocks). Her overall appearance is often shocking and she enjoys the attention she gets for being an atypical Risian.

Service Record
Starfleet Marine Corps Basic Training - Marine Recruit
Starfleet Academy - Cadet
Starfleet Flight Training Program - Ensign
68th Fighter Squadron - Lightning Lancers - Ensign

Jesila was raised on Risa. Her early years were unremarkable as she was engaged in her education within the Risian public school system. Jesila was raised by her mother and elder sister, Shalys. Her father is unknown to her.

At the age of 17, Jesila graduated from the school system and began training as an apprentice at a luxury resort in the Re'cha Islands on Risa. Six months into her apprenticeship, her sister was killed at the hands of Orion pirates who had mistaken her for a Federation Marshal. The pirates escaped capture on Risa, but were killed during a brief ship-to-ship engagement with the USS Jaresh when the pirate ship's hull buckled and partially separated with total loss of life support.

Jesila immediately resigned her apprenticeship and went into hiding to mourn, surfacing again six months later at a Starfleet recruiting office. She enlisted into the Starfleet Marine Corps and opted for immediate in-processing. The next day, she boarded a transport to Alpha Centauri where she underwent basic training and graduated with honors.

During her basic training period, the officer in charge of her training class noted her intelligence and physical aptitude. He offered her a chance to take the Starfleet Academy entrance exam, which she passed with enough points to gain admittance to Starfleet Academy. Jesila was part of the class of 2387 and attended Starfleet Academy at Andor due to the Rukakon occupation and subsequent rebuilding of Starfleet Academy on Earth. She accepted a commission as an Ensign in Starfleet due to her wish to pursue flight operations as a career, and a lack of slots available within the SFMC flight groups.

Jesila was slightly above average in most academic areas. She proved to be a standout pilot when undergoing basic flight training and showed a deep understanding of individual, flight, squadron, and wing combat tactics. During the annual Academy "summer" sessions, she was assigned to Starfleet and Marine Corps flight squadrons and further developed a love of flying and refining her abilities.

Upon Academy graduation, Jesila was enrolled in the Starfleet flight training program due to a lack of slots available for Marine Corps pilots. She nearly was kicked out of the program after failing a drug test, but a followup test was inconclusive and she was reinstated with a warning from the program commandant. The original failed test was determined to be caused by the unusual hormonal trait of a pregnant Risian. Jesila discovered she was pregnant, but within weeks had miscarried the child and resumed flight training.

Jesila graduated from the Starfleet flight training program and was designated for assignment to active flight squadrons. Due to her recent warning, she was held in a non-assigned status for over three months. After the failure to receive a slot, she revised her packet to include remotely based squadrons as options for assignment and within days received orders to report to Gateway Sector and the 68th Fighter Squadron - Lightning Lancers. Jesila is a talented close air support pilot, with talent in electronic warfare, air defense suppression, and ground unit interdiction.

Notes of Interest

Personal Traits
Jesila has a lust for pleasure and often finds it in the cockpit of her fighter or behind the control stick of a high speed ground, air or space vehicle. Jesila also has developed a reckless approach to her life and is often found pushing the envelope of performance in whatever craft she is piloting or in dangerous personal pursuits. She seeks out others like her and they are the most likely to become her friends. Jesila's reckless nature may hold her back as an officer so advancement potential is difficult to project, but her piloting skill should be an asset to any squadron she is assigned.

She is warm and open with friends, and often times initiates overly physical contact especially for less sexually expressive races. To those she doesn't consider friends, she comes across as aloof, argumentative, and rebellious. Despite her Risian upbringing, Jesila is not flirtatious and is not known to date or engage in sexual relationships.

Due to her start as an enlisted rating and her attitude toward life since her sister's death, Jesila has developed an extremely raunchy sense of humor. Off-duty, she can be found more often than not engaging in a litany of death-defying stunts or any number of personal vices. Jesila's previous counselors believe that she uses these vices as salve for the pain from the death of her sister. She does not show any addictive preconditioning so substance abuse is not likely to be an issue for Jesila.

Jesila operates with a chip on her shoulder as if she has something to prove still. This has led to discipline problems, but her natural skill in the cockpit has made her reviewing officers reticent to punish her beyond minor admonitions and informal punishments. The only exception to this was the official warning concerning illicit drug use that was attached to her personnel file following her flight training suspension and two demerits for uniform violations.

Jesila has expressed a deep hatred for Orions, Sindareen, and other races that contribute to galactic piracy. She is very quiet when questioned about her sister and the events of the six months preceding her enlistment in the Starfleet Marine Corps. At the request of the Starfleet Academy Commandant Jelisa submitted to and passed a telepathic mind sweep of the six months prior to her enlistment to prove she was not a security threat. Jesila is not one to parse words and she has referred for anger counseling repeatedly as a result of confrontations with Orion Starfleet personnel.

HobbiesJesila is not one to shy away from a trip to the bar, dance club, or strip club. In her off-duty times, she prefers to exercise, often for hours at a time, and is also known to seek our places where she can sunbathe, which is one of the few hobbies that likely carried over from her childhood on Risa. Since Risians require strong ultraviolet doses to ward off a number of medical conditions, this is not unusual. Jesila's sunbathing, as with other Risians, due to their usual manner of dress, or lack thereof, is often distracting or offensive to more conservative races.

Mother: Alayi Naaya
Sister: Shalys Naaya (deceased)
Lt. Ethan "Wave" White
Lt. J.G. Alyth "Starsong" Fallan