Admiral Carlos Rivera

Admiral Carlos Rivera is the highest ranking Starfleet Officer in the Gateway Sector, with all Federation Personnel in the sector report to him. He also serves as an advisor to Captain Daniel Carlin, of Federation Outpost 112, in the Gateway Sector.

Name: Carlos Rivera
Department: Command

Race : Human
Place of Birth : San Diego, CA
Home Planet : Earth

Age : 45
Height : 5'11
Weight : 195
Hair length : Standard/Clean-Cut
Hair-color : Black
Eye color : Brown (Almost Black)
Complexion : Hispanic
Physical Description : Athletic build. Clean cut and always has a goatee.

Rank: Captain
Major Area of Study : Tactical
Minor Area of Study : Command


Rivera has a ranch in San Diego, CA. He joined Starfleet at a very young age and almost did not graduate, due to his pranks on the dean of the Academy. After graduating, he was assigned to the USS Starfire, where he jumped through the ranks quickly. He saved the ship and her crew on several occastions, due to his courage and bravado. During his tenure there he was eventually promoted to First Officer under the Command of Captain Bexley who saw in him an uncanny ability at tactical.

Eventually he was given command of the USS Starfire which was destroyed during a battle engaged with several Ruke Bulkcruisers. He was then assigned to the USS Patriot. During this assignment Captain Rivera developed the Gattling Phaser. A prototype weapon cable of massive damage but with limited ability to fire. The weapon was never placed on any other Starfleet vessels. Soon the USS Patriot was destroyed during a massive coup of a special project known as the Morningstar Project. He was then reassigned to the USS Wolverine.

During his command of the USS Wolverine he was targeted for assassination by unknown assailants. They sought to kill him for files that he had in his possession of the Morningstar Project. The assassination attempt came when he departed Starbase 24 (Project Infinite), headed for Starfleet Command, when his runabout was destroyed by a unregistered ship. During this time he was on the run, not knowing who to trust. Only recently has he returned to Starbase 24 with two others that were with him. Commander Johnny Storm and Lieutenant Thor. He was cleared of charges that were falsely put against him, treason, mutiny and the killing of Starfleet personnel. Still much is shrouded about the files and information he uncovered.

It was only upon his return that he discovered that his entire family had been killed. It was only obvious that someone had targeted him personally.

Rivera was given command of the USS Bulwark and remained a pivotal member of Project Infinite. In 2383, he was promoted to Admiral, as there were very few Starfleet Heads left, ahd his expertise was needed on a senior level.

Notes of Interest

Hobbies : Anything dangerous, thrill seeking. Hand to Hand Combat (Has black belts in several martial arts), sports, gambling, and drinking.

Personal Traits : Rivera is a practical joker. He is a very casual person when talking to others. He's a wild card, fearless, lives on the edge. He is very loyal to his friends and will be there for them no matter the cost to himself.

Family :

Wife - Lt Drusilla Odix. (Deceased)
Son - Carlos Rivera Jr (Deceased)
Daughter - Annibel Rivera. (Deceased)
Father - Jesus Rivera (Deceased)
Mother - Carmen Rivera (Deceased)
Sister(s) Twins - Silvia (Deceased) Silvanna (Deceased)