Advisor For External Affairs Senator Telal

Telal is a senior Romulan senator; he is seated on the Continuing Committee and serves as Advisor for External Affairs to Praetor Nevala.

Race : Romulan
Place of Birth : Romulus
Home Planet : Romulus

Age : 150
Height : 5’8"
Weight : 152 lbs.


Telal unexpectedly inherited his Senate seat from his older sister, Evoria, upon her death in Shinzon's coup. He wasted no time afterwards, however, in consolidating his power; and was eventually asked by Praetor Nevala to serve as her Advisor for External Affairs, an appointment roughly akin to simultaneously serving as both Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State. Relatively short in stature and utterly unassuming at first glance, he is a ruthless and pragmatic politician who has a reputation for being someone one does not trifle with.

Notes of Interest

Telal is married to V'aela, a Tal Shiar analyst; they have two children together, son Kazhal and daughter Ameh, who both currently serve in the Fleet; as does their granddaughter, D'Soria, currently a cadet in training.