Aeon Vi

Aeon VI is the sister world to Aeon V and orbits the planet's star on almost the exact same orbital track. Aeon VI though orbits on the opposite side of the system's star and is always opposite Aeon V on this track around the star. Aeon VI shares much of the same terrain as Aeon V, but lacks a sizeable supply of fresh water. The planet has subterranean reservoirs that supply drinking water for the small transient personnel and visitors, but not in a manner that would support a significant population for any duration of time. Not surprisingly, Aeon VI has minimal resident life and only a handful of small towns supporting mineral extraction facilities totaling less than 2,000 residents planetwide.

Aeon VI is also the training ground for the 17th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion stationed at Starbase Aeon. Large swaths of terrain are set aside as proving grounds, maneuvering ranges, and force-on-force training zones.