Agent Ellyn Leighton

Ellyn Leighton is a member of Federation President Azrixxiene Lishek's Secret Service protective detail.

Ellyn Veronica Leighton
Federation Secret Service Agent, Presidential Protective Detail

Race : 3/4 Human, 1/4 Betazoid
Place of Birth : Luna
Home Planet : Luna

Age : 36
Height : 5’6"
Weight : 125 lbs.
Physical Description: Small framed but muscular, she has the traditional black Betazoid eyes, as well as a fairly extensive disruptor scar on her chest.


An empath, Ellyn's talents are prized by the Federation Secret Service, as the organization has had difficulty recruiting Betazoids and in fact has no full-blooded Betazoids or hybrids on its payroll, despite the advantages their telepathic talents would bring, due to the tendencies of many Betazoids to value consensus and avoidance of conflict over the type of skills and possible actions required for a career as an agent.

Ellyn was newly assigned to the detail of one of Azrixxiene's predecessors, President Sandov, shortly before her assassination; although Ellyn was off-duty the day it occurred and cannot possibly bear culpability or negligence in Sandov's death, she nevertheless felt guilt over the incident for several years. In the chaos both internal and military that enveloped the Federation for several years following, she pursued and participated in the capture of the assassin, Antos Kerr; shortly thereafter her life fell into danger upon the dissolution of the Federation government and declaration of martial law by Admiral Siro Jarvinien, and she was forced to leave Earth and go on the run. Later, she was among those who assisted the newly freed Federation President Azrixxiene Lishek in Jarvinien's downfall and the reconstitution of the Federation government, becoming the first member of the President's protective detail after her election. Shortly thereafter, she saved Lishek's life from an assassin who had supported Jarvinien and his policies, sustaining severe injuries in the process of taking the disruptor blast meant for the President and nearly dying; among the agents present, she alone sensed the intent of the attacker and reacted pre-emptively. It was later determined by a review board that if the Presidental detail had been forced to react after the fact rather than taking the actions Ellyn's abilities allowed them to take, it was unlikely Azrixxiene would have survived the incident.

Ellyn was placed on medical leave for nine months following the incident as she recovered from her injuries, but was later returned to the Presidential detail after her recovery on a personal request of the President to the Director of the Federation Secret Service. It is suspected that this request - along with, most especially, her unique status and talents as the Secret Service's only Betazoid or part-Betazoid - is what has kept her on the Presidential detail long after regulations would normally dictate an agent be temporarily rotated off for recuperation from the stress levels involved. The Director is said to have remarked to the current head of the Presidential detail, Varat, in overriding the regulations in Ellyn's case, that they cannot afford not to have their only telepath or empath on the Presidential protective detail. It remains to be seen what the Director intends to do on that count when or if he must eventually provide her with a different assignment.

Notes of Interest

Ellyn enjoys running, gymnastics, history, holoadventures, and a wide variety of sports both team and individual. She also has a passion for restoring and driving ancient Earth vehicles. Her mother Jillian, a human, is an accountant; her father, Pete, half human and half Betazoid, is an importer/exporter; both reside on Luna. She has three siblings; her younger sister Haleigh, 29, is a botanist currently residing on Bajor; her older brother, Miles, 38, is an importer/exporter in business with their father; and her younger brother, Pete Jr., 31, is a mathematician at the University of Luna.

Ellyn is unmarried and has no plans to enter a serious relationship in the near future; she considers it a potential distraction from her duties and tends instead to engage in occasional casual flings with others who feel the same way. Her past liaisons have included two starship captains, a Federation ambassador, a senior vice-president of one of the Federation's largest banks, and an officer on the Paris police force.