Agent Varat

Special Agent Varat is the Special-Agent-in-Charge of the personal protective detail for Federation President Azrixxiene Lishek.

Name: Varat
Race: Vulcan
Place of Birth: Vulcan
Home Planet: Vulcan


Age: 112
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 199 lbs
Hair length: Shaved to a precise 3/16" of an inch
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Complexion: Dark brown
Physical Description: Average in height and more muscular than a typical Vulcan of his age. He stands more physically broad than an average Vulcan as a result.

Rank: Subcommander (Vulcan High Command)


Varat was a standard student within the Vulcan educational system. He completed his primary education with standard marks, but showed an exceptional astuteness for predictive behavior modeling. Varat entered the Vulcan High Command and was selected after fifteen years of general service for training as a protective agent. Upon completion of the ten year training period, Varat continued to serve with the Vulcan High Command as a law enforcement agent, principal investigator, and protective agent for visiting dignitaries.

During this time, Varat was selected by Federation Councilmember Sakat as his protective detail commander. Varat was released from his High Command obligations and accompanied Sakat to Earth and around the Federation in the discharge of his office. After three years of duty, the Federation Secret Service petitioned the Vulcan High Command and Sakat to recruit Varat.

Varat excelled at the Secret Service training academy and was attached to the President's protective detail as a junior agent. After ten years of service, Varat was promoted to senior field agent with the Federation Secret Service and given the title of Assistant-Special-Agent-in-Charge of the President's protective detail. Varat's attention to detail and strict disciplinary rules quickly impressed the Secret Service commanders.

During the Rukakon War, an assassination attempt on Federation President Azrixxiene Lishek was made by a Bajoran militiaman who was determined to be a religious fanatic and suffering from an undiagnosed psychosis. Agent Ellyn Leighton suffered dire injuries in defense of the President while Agent Varat and a trio of other agents terminated the threat. During the attack Special-Agent-in-Charge Neil Smith was killed by the assassin. Varat assumed his duties immediately and was formally promoted to Special-Agent-in-Charge shortly after.

Hobbies and Traits

Hobbies: Meditation, tennis, theoretical psychology.

Personal Traits: Studious and serious even for a Vulcan. He has a firm touch to his speech and action, with most of his statements spoken with a command tone. He has little tolerance for disobedience or carelessness. Varat has learned how to pilot most shuttlecraft, runabouts, starships, and other vehicles that he may run across while discharging his duty as a protective agent and is an accomplished marksman.


Father: Tilis
Mother: Vajik
Brother: Vusit (Elder) Jilik (Younger)