Alpha Centaurans

Alpha Centauri was the first inhabited world to be encountered by human
explorers after the discovery of warp flight. In the Terran year 2068,
actual physical contact was made with representatives of a Centauran Space
fleet. UNSS Icarus, commanded by Captain Roger Tauber, met in space with a
Centauran vessel araound the seventh planet of the system. Both parties were
open and friendly, and an immediate cultural exchange took place. An
excerpt from the log of Lt. Commander Frank Jocasta:

"I have just spent the two most exciting days of my scientific life talking
with Human physicist Zephram Cochrane and Alpha Centrauran computer
scientist Nicholas Daystrom. Of course, since neither party speaks the
other's tongue, we've relied almost exclusively on the language of
mathematics…..Using a math I can still barely only comprehend, Cochrane
and Daystrom have come up with ways of creating self-thinking computers and
have already theorized out ways of streamlining our warp capabilites by two
to three generations in just a few weeks…….if this is so, man will be
able to outrace the very streams of light and time itself."

Alpha Centauri VII, the Centaurian homeworld, is a classic Class M world,,
nearly identical in mass and climate to Terra and Betazed. It's population
is quite humanoid, and evidence had been found that the Centaurans may be a
evolutionary offshoot or decendents of ancient Terran Greeks transported at
some point between the fifth and third centuries B.C. The Centauran
physiology is almost identical to the human one, except for some minor
differences in the make-up of the eyes and developmental centers of the
frontal lobes of the brain, and intermarriage between the two races is not
uncommon. Almost all Centaurans appear to be empathic to a high degree, and
they tend to have a higher occurance of other psionic phenomena than
Terrans. They also have an extra low-light filterization lens in their
eyes, giving them a sort of luminescence. This gives Centaurans the
interesting ability to operate in low-light vision like a feline, albiet the
vision is limited to black and white in total and near total darkness.
Interestingly, Centauran blood is higher in carbon, which gives their blood
a darker color and also makes them more susciptible to some forms of
chemical poisoning, such as radiation and Chlorine-floro-Carbons.
Centauran society is set up along matriarchial lines, and it wasn't until
the late 19th Terran century that males were allowed to be equal members of
the society. Centaurans are seen as generally spiritual in nature, and are
considered more reactionary in dealing with problems, although once they
choose a course of action, they follow thru with dogged determination.
Centaurans who join Starfleet tend to gravitate towards the flight control,
diplomatic, intelligence, and science branches. Their patience levels and
tolerance threshholds make them well-sought after by research and design

In 2059, the starliner Enterprise first detected evidence in the form of
radio signals, that intelligent life existed in the Centauran System. Nine
years later, actual contact was established. Alpha Centauri was one of the
five founding worlds to the United Federation of Planets, along with Andor,
Earth, Tellar, and Vulcan. Alpha Centauri currently supports a population
of 21 billion, second only to the Sol system in largest population. The
Delthara University Institute Complex, located on the northern continent, is
one of the primary learning facilities of the UFP. The Daystrom Institute
is also located within the system, and the most promising minds in the UFP
and her allies come thru their doors.