Ambassador S'Ten Gaius

Ambassador S'Ten Gaius is the Romulan ambassador to the Gateway Sector.


Department : Diplomacy
Race : Romulan
Home Planet : Romulus
Rank: Ambassador
Major Area of Study: Diplomacy

Minor Area of Study: Politics

Age: 103
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair length: Short
Hair-color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Physical Description: S'Ten has sharp, handsome features. He is slim and trim, and his eyes are intense.

S'Ten is the son of the noble Gaius family, a powerful political clan from Romulus. While his parents wanted him to pursue homeworld politics like his older sister, S'Ten desired to challenge his abilities and intelligence and travel to other worlds as an ambassador.

At a young age, he became a successful diplomat, aide to a top-ranking ambassador. During negotiations with the Federation concerning mining rights on a neutral zone moon, S'Ten met Ellen Reagan, a young and beautiful tactical officer. S'Ten, who had never loved before, was taken with the human woman, and they began an affair. When Ellen became pregnant with S'Ten's child, scandal broke out.

Ellen resigned from Starfleet, and S'Ten was severely reprimanded. He returned home to Romulus where he worked for his family for a few years. After recovering from the scandal and from losing touch with Ellen, S'Ten steeled himself, determining to become a great ambassador. He worked hard and learned the arts of negotiation and espionage. His skills were undeniable, and it wasn't long before he had regained his prestige in the eyes of his government and fellow nobles.

Ever curious and searching for ways to challenge himself, S'Ten grew interested when he heard of unrest in the Gateway Sector. He encouraged his superiors to send him to the sector to see what was going on, determined not to let anything important happen without Romulan knowledge of it.

Notes of Interest
Personal Traits: S'Ten is ambitious, calculating and extremely intelligent. He is something of a wordsmith, subtle and wise in negotiations. He enjoys being involved and can be downright nosy at times. He is something of a spymaster.

S'Ten seems cold and aloof in his personal relationships, often coming across as arrogant. When not negotiating, he can be impatient and short-tempered, particularly when in the presence of what he considers stupidity. He has never married and is childless, aside from his illegitimate, half-human daughter, Paige Reagan, though he engages in shrewd, political flirtations with Romulan noblewomen on occasion. His subconscious is rife with thoughts of Ellen, but he is in denial about retaining feelings for her. He is sometimes bewildered about ever being so bewitched by a woman, especially a human woman.

Hobbies: S'Ten enjoys strategy games from a variety of cultures. Espionage could also be said to be a hobby of his. He uses spies both professionally and personally. He keeps himself fit through combat training exercises and is skilled with short blades.


Father: Tarkath Gaius
Mother: Feran Gaius
Elder Sister: Nara Gaius
Daughter: Lt. Commander Paige Reagan (estranged)