Ambassador Zel

Zel is the current Ferengi Ambassador to the Gateway Sector.

Race : Ferengi
Place of Birth : Ferenginar
Home Planet : Ferenginar

Age : 38
Height : 5’1"
Weight : 102 lbs.


Zel's father, a competent but not outstanding businessman, bought Zel his diplomatic credentials early in his youth; judicious use of bribes and bargaining rose him to the rank of Ambassador by the age of 35.

As with most Ferengi diplomats, Zel's specialty is trade negotiations; while he is far from brilliant, he has succeeded thus far through a combination of luck, underhanded tactics, and dogged Ferengi persistence. His posting to the Gateway Sector on the orders on Grand Nagus Glav was certainly not his first choice of assignment as he views the opportunities for profit to be rather limited—as is common for Ferengi diplomats, Zel takes a cut of every deal, treaty, or agreement he negotiates.

Notes of Interest

Zel has never been married; he once had a marriage contract ready but the day before it was to be signed, the woman's father pledged her instead to a richer man. While Zel was at first distraught, he later came to view the "brush with matrimony" as his luckiest break yet, saving him from a lifetime of having to support a wife and potential children; since then he has cultivated the temporary company of various women but has avoided marriage like the plague, preferring to keep his money for his own use. He has a fondness for "exotic" women; he once attempted to bed a Catain woman, before realizing she was ill suited to oo-mox due to her possessing claws. He also once attempted to proposition Sarith shortly after his and her arrival on Forever World; this experience ended with both his and her drinks being poured over Zel's head in retaliation. He is known to be a frequent patron of both Heaven and Casey's, though as with most Ferengi is generally an abysmal tipper. He is fond of gambling, fine food and liquors, and all things expensive.

As with most Ferengi, he tends to be a bit of a coward where potential danger to his life is concerned; during the conference at Talar, he hid under a banquet table upon hearing Sindareen raiders had attacked the Talarian Museum of Battle, nearby to the conference site.