Aron Kaizak

Name: Aron Kaizak (pronounced "Ky-zak")
Department: Gateway Resistance

Race: Oryon (pronounced "Ori-on")
Place of Birth: Jaysen Falls
Home Planet: Ory (pronounced "Oh-ry")

Age: 29
Height: 6'
Weight: 167lbs
Hair length: Medium-length
Hair-color: Brown
Eye color: Dark Blue, with a crystal-white glimmer
Complexion: Caucasian
Physical Description: Aron is tall with an athletic, medium-build and that rugged bad-boy appearance.

Rank: N/A
Major Area of Study: Advanced Mental Development, Behavior & Application
Minor Area of Study: Intercultural/Interplanetary Studies


In 2357 Aron, along with several others from Ory were sent to Earth as infants upon the brutal Sindareen attack and destruction of their home planet.

Growing up was difficult for Aron and the others. As children they had all been assigned to foster families that had been chosen for them, pending their arrival as each of their parents knew that the children wouldn't survive the onslaught that hit their home world.

As Aron grew up he discovered there were things about himself that were different from other children his age. For one he had dark blue eyes with a crystal glimmer, something that he found to be very unique and natural, only to himself and his fellow Oryon companions. There was also his heightened sense of awareness about his surroundings, especially the people whom he associated with. This led him to ask his foster parents questions about who he was and where he came from.

Aron's foster parents told him about what happened to his home planet and his birth parents. He felt like he was living in a dream or someone else's life. During this time of angst in his adolescent years that was when Aron discovered his unique ability of Advanced Empathy, as well as his young Oryan-companion Kyna, who also had her own unique ability. The two instantly felt drawn to each other, as if an invisible force had pulled them together. They formed an intensely close bond, beyond that of any normal human and found themselves tumbling into love.

Over time Aron's foster parents explained their origins to him as well as his burgeoning abilities. And although his human parents didn't know much, they tried to steer Aron in the right direction as best they could. This led him to take up studies in Advanced Mental Development, Behavior & Application as well as Intercultural/Interplanetary Studies. To his surprise he found that Kyna was going along a similar path and the two begun their journey together to discover who they are and find those who murdered their family and friends from their home world.

Now ten years later, Aron has mastered his abilities and learnt how to live as a normal person, despite the fact that he is an alien. He has also taken up a position at his university as a research facilitator in the Institute of Advanced Psyonics, where he can not only put his training to work, but also his empathy to help others.

So now he has a life, a wonderful, happy and fulfilled life. Yet the search and the fight of his people still boils inside of him. And he will not stop until he has found the cold-blooded killers who took his memories, family and friends away from him.
Timeline: 2386

Notes of Interest

Hobbies: General research, literature, sport, working on his ability
Personal Traits: Loyal, caring, assertive, brave, impulsive.

Foster Father - Malcolm Kaizak
Foster Mother - Lillian
Fiancé - Kyna Yates