Battle Of Kelari

The Battle of Kelari was a conflict fought on stardate 60379.26, between a group of Sindareen Raiders and a Federation Colonist task force, led by colonist leader, Marc Sekler . The battle took place around the orbit of Kelari.

The Federation Colonist successfully defeated the attacking Sindareen Raiders.



Sindareen Raiders, separate from the Sindareen Government, assembled a decent sized force in the Gateway sector, and pirated unsuspecting ships and planets. On stardate 60379.26, the group of Raiders made a mad dash for the planet of Kelari, in an attempt to steal its colonies’ resources, food and mining supplies. However, led by colonist leader, Marc Sekler, a team of Federation Colonists quickly organized a group of starships, and defended Kelari, successfully driving the Sindareen Raiders back. Ultimately, the Federation Colonists defeated the Sindareen raiders and Marc Sekler garnered a reputation for courage and great leadership. Sekler gained support from Federation colonist all over the Gateway Sector. He is known as the man doing the job that Starfleet should be doing.