The Betazoids are a telepathic humanoid civilization originating from the planet Betazed, and are members of the United Federation of Planets.

Betazed had enjoyed a relatively untroubled history for the last few centuries. This peaceful existence was disrupted in 2374, when the Dominion invaded and occupied the planet. The Dominion occupation ceased after the end of the Dominion War.

Notes of Interest

To most species eyesight and senses, Betazoids are physically indistinguishable from Humans in every aspect but one: the irises of their eyes are completely black. They can even cross-breed with Humans, along with other humanoid races like Klingons and Tavnians. Betazoid iris coloration is present in half-Betazoid individuals, but in those with less Betazoid blood who are only 1/4 Betazoid, normal human eye coloration is possible as is Betazoid eye coloration.

Betazoids have a gestation period of ten months.

Federation President Azrixxiene Lishek is a Betazoid.

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