Cadet Rim Khras

Cadet Rim Khras is a Starfleet Recruit going through an accelerated engineering program at Starbase Aeon. Khras is a gifted repairman with many years of experience having worked on Forever World in the particular field. After the Cardassian occupation of Forever World, Khras fled the planet to Aeon where he immediately enlisted into Starfleet.

Notes of Interest

Rim Khras is a Tellarite, but he doesn't exactly look the role. Apart from some facial ridges, Rim doesn't really look anything like a Tellarite. He is a bit stout, and obviously short in stature, but he lacks the most obvious trait of a Tellarite, which is the pig-like snout. Rim's nose actually looks more like a Human nose, and it is one of the reasons he suffers from Dyspnea. Dyspnea is a medical term describing a sensation of difficulty in breathing, which is considered a common ailment in Tellarites. Poor Rim's nose is considered an abnormality by his species and he was ridiculed mercilessly as a child because of it. And it didn't help matters much when as he grew older, he was forced to keep a clean-shaven face, as thick facial hair under the nose inhibited his ability to breath.*

While the Tellarite race was generally known to be an impatient people, stubborn, and confrontational, Rim is actually mild-mannered, reserved, and avoided conflict. He considers himself to be a good guy, although he is a bit shy. This was to be expected though, as he has been labeled an outcast his entire life.

He is in a romantic relationship with Lieutenant Victorique de Blois.