Captain Alandra Bexley

Alandra Bexley is a career officer with an impressive track record which has seen her receive commendations from some of the highest ranking officers in the Fleet. She worked as a Starfleet Intelligence officer for much of her career, where a reliance on emotional detachment and ruthless efficiency left her with a somewhat frosty demeanor. A switch to general assignments away from the Intelligence community saw a warmer side of her appear, though her true self was never far from the surface (and in fact, there is strong evidence to suggest that she never left Intelligence).

Her link to the more secretive side of Starfleet may even go back as far as her 'birth'. Bexley died when her shuttle was shot down by Klingons over the planet of Ultima Thule, but it was soon discovered that she had kept a back-up of her memory engrams and further investigation led to a hidden cloning facility containing several copies of her in stasis. The successful reintegration of the engrams with the last viable clone effectively brought her back to life. What is still unclear is whether there was ever an 'original' Alandra Bexley or if they have always been clones.

Captain Bexley continues to work closely with Starfleet Intelligence and commands the USS Onikage under their jurisdiction. She maintains contact with her former step-daughter, Christa Novaq.