Captain Jenna Orataft

Captain Jenna Orataft is the commanding officer of the USS Al-Batani and is part of the Starfleet Task Force assigned to the Gateway Sector for patrol and apprehension of the Gateway Resistance.

Name: Jenna Orataft
Race: Human / Betazoid (Empath)

Place of Birth: Athens, Greece
Home Planet: Earth

Age: 31
Height: 5'8
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Black (Betazoid trait)
Complexion: Caucasian
Physical Description: Attractive with a confident and graceful stature.

Personal Traits: Jenna is all business. She focuses on her work, rarely taking time to relax. Her career is her life, and short of taking time to write, her mind is always on the next task to be completed.

Rank: Command
Department: Command

Major Area of Study: Command
Minor Area of Study: Intelligence



Jenna is a workaholic. Her heavy work ethic helps her cope with the loss of her husband, who was declared MIA five year ago. Although co-workers and family encourge her to move on, she has great difficultly giving up hope that her husband is alive. When time allows, she writes her thoughts in a journal, as an emotional release. Although having every right to feel vindictive to Starfleet Intel concerning the activities resulting in the MIA status of her husband, she is not. Jenna truly understands the responsibilty of the outfit to keep certain things classified, although at times, it is extremely frustrating to her.

Jenna is a complicated woman. She rarely, if ever drops her guard. On a rare occasion, one might catch her smile, but it usually masked by her hardworking nature.


Born and raised in a small suburb of Greece, Jenna had a relatively normal childhood. She was raised mostly by the family nanny, as both parents were dedicated Starfleet officers (Mother - Human, Father - Betazoid).

A typical Betazoid, Jenna's fatherr attempted to enrich her daughter's life with culture. Fine art and music were interwoven into Jena's childhood experiences. Long afternoons at the Athens Museum of Art and outing to the Athens symphony orchestra gave her an education and appreciation of the arts that she maintains to this day. Her favorite artists are French impressionists and sculptures such as Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel. Along with her appreciation of the French, she also gains enjoyment from sitting and viewing Pre-Raphaelite art such as Found by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.


2370: Joined Starfleet Academy

2374: Joined Starfleet Intelligence Division

2374 - 2381: CLASSIFIED

2382: Assigned as Commander of the USS Monitor

2385: Assigned as Captain of the USS Al-Batani.

Points of Interest

Jenna is an empath.

Her husband, Captain Shawn Orataft, who serves Starfleet Intel, went MIA during a classified mission, and is presumed dead.

She and Shawn have one son, Thomas Orataft.