Captain Ryan Galen

Captain Ryan Galen is the commanding officer of the Federation Akira-Class Starship USS Kirishima (NCC-31712) and is part of the Starfleet Task Force assigned to the Gateway Sector for patrol and detterence of all hostile forces along the Sindareen Neutral Zone.


Department: Command

Race: Human/Alpha Centauran Hybrid
Place of Birth: Langston City, Mars Colony, Sol System
Home Planet: Alpha Centauri VII (Proxima Centauri)
Date of Birth: June 17, 2339
Age: 47
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 186 lbs
Hair length: Mid-back
Hair-color: Reddish-Black
Eye color: Bright Emerald Green
Complexion: Medium Brown, Saracen

Physical Description: Muscular and stocky, with a constantly alert look. Typical Hawkish Centauran features. Has braided hair that goes to the middle of his shoulders and well-manicured goatee. There is also an air of self-confidence in his demeanor that borders on arrogant. Tends to carry himself in a relaxed manner, but is actually coil ready to spring underneath the surface.

Personality Traits: A wily strategist, is always looking for a challenge. Is constantly analyzing, and finds life to be interesting. Prefers to find out more than he likes to give out about topics. Enjoys games of wits to keep opponents off-guard. Is protective of family and close friends.

Rank: Captain
Major Area of Study: Intelligence
Minor Area of Study: Tactical, Special Operations


Pre Starfleet: Ryan comes from a military family that has had both sides serving in Starfleet for at least three generations. Galen grew up on various StarBases, living mostly with his father and siblings while alternating time with his mother's people during vacations and breaks from schooling. Ryan feels that it is his destiny to follow in the family tradition and serve in the fleet. A very bright person, he graduated from his high schooling early and
his parents sent him to Earth at 15, where he ended up getting his first degree in Military History and Theory.

Starfleet Academy: He then was able to get a posting to the Academy on his second attempt. He failed the first attempt during the hologram tests, choosing to ignore protocol and a superior officer's orders in order to successfully rescue three downed crewmen in simulation. This particular trait would be something that would continue to dog Galen throughout his Starfleet career.

Galen had a relatively unremarkable Academy tour, the only noteworthy things being him winning the Inter-collegiate Fencing Competitions three years running in the Saber category, and his being selected to serve his cadet cruise aboard the first of the Galaxy Class vessels in the fleet, the USS Galaxy herself. Ryan graduated from the Academy with honors, rated ninth overall in his class in 2362, taking an extra year at the Academy to earn a second degree.

Service Record: Listed as Classified by Starfleet Intelligence and Centauran Praetorian Guard Directives.

Service History
-USS Galaxy, Cadet Cruise
-Promotion to Ensign
-Starfleet Command: Search and Rescue Operations Command
-CLASSIFIED: Starfleet Intelligence Romulan Sector
-Medical Leave of Absence, SB 375
-USS Xanith , Conn Officer,
-USS Silver Fox , Conn Officer
-USS Silver Fox, Tactical Officer
-Promotion to Lieutenant j.g.
-USS Silver Fox, Chief of Security
-CLASSIFIED: Starfleet Intelligence
-USS Fearless, Chief of CONN, Asst. Chief of Operations
-CLASSIFIED: Starfleet Intelligence Cardassian Sector
Remanded from Active Duty
-Star Fleet Medical, Sol, Psychological Evaluations
Reinstated to Active Duty
-DS 5, Deep Space Training Program, Geo-Archeologist
Promotion to Lieutenant (brevet)
-USS Tiger Eye, Chief Science Officer
Promotion to Lieutenant Confirmed
-USS Tiger Eye-B, Chief of Operations
-Extended Medical and Personal Leave of Absence, Proxima Centauri
-Command Officer's School, Operations, StarFleet Academy
CLASSIFIED: Starfleet Intelligence Klingon Sector
-Starbase 111, Senior Flight Control Officer
-USS Pathfinder, Chief of Operations
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
-USS Pathfinder, Chief of Operations, Second Officer
-USS Odyssey, Chief Strategic Operations Officer
-USS Sentinel, Chief of Operations, Second Officer
Promoted to Commander
CLASSIFIED: Starfleet Intelligence
-Alpha Centauran Home Fleet Detachment
-USS Bismarck, First Officer
Promoted to Captain
-USS Kirishima, Commanding Officer

Notes of Interests

Hobbies and Interests: Target Shooting, Fencing, Napoleonic and Renaissance era Holo-programs, gourmet cooking, swimming, collecting arcane blades, Martial Arts (Wushu, T'ai Chi Ch'uan (often with his wife Nancy), Hwarang-Do, and Mo-Go-Gong) and various strategy games such as 3-D chess, Kal-toh, and Strategmo, where he is a ranked Master. Is a voracious reader. He is also currently writing his third book on Space based tactics and the
evolution of Starfleet Tactical Combat doctrines. His first two have been published to much acclaim amongst the historical and military communities.

Medical Notes: Has a mild allergic reaction to anything cooked with Ptallaran Spices from Bolarus IX. Also seems to have an allergic reaction to close or prolonged contact with Ketrecel White. Does not imbibe in alcohol.

Has Psionic abilities that manifest themselves in the form of a limited sixth sense which seems to be typical for male Centaurans, as well as an odd bio-kinetic discharge field. A relative rarity in Centaurans, less than 10 percent are able to manifest this ability, and only a quarter of those are able to control or wield it with any affinity. Galen has shown to be one of the more powerful bio-kinetics in recent recorded history, with his ambient discharge levels enough to short out small vehicles or even overload multiple Borg Drones. This discharge field also manifests as part of a mental shield system that can shock telepaths entering his mind, causing both Galen and the Telepath varying degrees of dis-comfort. Normally to most telepaths, his surface thoughts tend to be conveyed as a staticy void instead of anything intelligible. Galen's Empathy is for some reason less developed than full blooded Centaurans, but he can pick up on general body cues and projected impressions, his extensive training making up for where innate abilities are lacking.

Languages Spoken: Federation Basic, Romulan, Centauran, Latin, German, Japanese, Andorian, Ferengi Trade Speak, Klingon, Orion Trade Speak, Xindi

-Princeton Univeristy, Earth, graduated in five semesters with
a Bachelor's Degree in Military History
-Starfleet Academy, Master's Degree in Military History
-Starfleet Academy, Doctorate in Military History
-Starfleet Academy, Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
-Deep Space 5, Daystrom Institute, Bachelor's Degree in Archeology

-Maternal Grandmother:High Duchess Anastasia Sal Galen, Matriarch,
House of Galen, Seneschal, Council of Centauri, Proxima Centauri
-Father: Admiral Owen (Samualson) Galen Jr. 85, Commanding,
Starfleet Corps of Engineers, Earth Sector
-Brother-in-Law: Captain Tyrese Simmonds, 51, Commanding, Starbase
Enlightenment, Proxima Centauri (In-Law)
-Twin Sister: Dr. (CMDR) Renee (Galen) Simmonds M.D., PhD., 47,
Senior Xeno-Cardiology Instructor, Starfleet Medical, Earth
-Sister: LCMDR Janine Galen 38 years, Chief of Operations, USS
-Wife: LCMDR Nancy Lansing-Galen, 44, Chief Security Officer, USS
Kirishima, Akira Class
-Daughter: Ensign Elayne Galen, 22, Flight Officer, K-7 Orbital
Station, Gateway Sector
-Son: Gregory Owen Galen,6

-Mother: Eva (Deceased), Captain, Killed during fleet actions at
Wolf 359, Stationed on the U.S.S. Bellerophon N.C.C. 62048
-Brother: Antonio (Deceased), Lieutenant, killed during fleet
actions at Wolf359, stationed on the U.S.S. Liberator N.C.C. 67016