Captain Silas Hunter

Captain Silas Hunter is the commanding officer of the USS Southern Cross, and is head of the task force assigned to put down the Gateway Resistance.

Captain Hunter is a no nonsense, by the books, Starfleet Officer. He is highly decorated, and greatly respected by most in Starfleet. Hunter is one of the Admiral Edward Jellico's most trusted men, and was assigned personally by Jellico to put down the Gateway Resistance.


Captain Hunter was killed on board the USS Southern Cross, due to unexplained sabatoge to the ship's engineering core. The Southern Cross exploded unexpectedly and thus killed Captain Carlin in the process.

Notes of Interest

Hunter is a serious, no nonsense officer. But he is considered quite charming and a gentlmen.

He isn't very trusting of others, save for a selected few.

He is excellent at interogation, having served for many years in Starfleet Intelligence.

His primary goal is to arrest or put down Marc Sekler. Hunter feels that by taking out Sekler, it will in turn put down the Resistance.