Celeyn Anaiya

Celeyn Anaiya ('Ana' to those closest to her) is a junior Bajoran representative on the Federation Council.

Celeyn 'Ana' Anaiya

Race : Bajoran
Place of Birth : Bajor
Home Planet : Bajor

Age : 29
Height : 5’5"
Weight : 131 lbs.

Anaiya has light brown hair and blue eyes, and is known as am impeccable dresser; on the advice of her first campaign manager that her age would count against her and she needed to counter it by attempting to appear more mature and collected.


Anaiya was born and raised near the tail end of the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. Both her parents died when she was an infant, leaving her to be raised by her grandmother, who worked as a maid in a Cardassian gul's house. Before the Cardassians abandoned the planet when she was 12, she had just begun serving in concert with her grandmother as an informant for a Resistance cell, ideally positioned to serve the role based on scraps of information her grandmother would find or overhear during her work, combined with the (slightly) lower level of suspicion a youngster like Anaiya raised when traveling.

After the occupation ended, Anaiya's grandmother returned to her former profession as a lawyer, and encouraged her granddaughter's interest in politics; in fact serving as an advisor for her first campaign.

Anaiya is in the middle of her first term on the Council; and for better or for worse will potentially be deeply impacted by the outcome of Akorem Lin's campaign for President of the Federation, as she would become a senior Council member for Bajor if he were to win and vacate his Council seat.

While she wears the Bajoran earring, she is neither especially devout nor especially unreligious; her candidacy and subsequent term have appealed to a "new" generation of Bajorans, those raised with - and interested in - all the galaxy has to offer. For this reason, while she supports some of his positions regarding local self-determination of Federation members and member worlds, she has clashed with Akorem on some other issues in the past; namely that she sees his positions on galactic interactions as too isolationist.

Notes of Interest

Anaiya does her best to project absolute confidence and certainty; but her inexperience shows through sometimes; she may push too hard - or not hard enough - for a stated position or pet cause. She is just beginning to build her political network and is often mentored by the other members of the Bajoran delegation to the Federation Council; as well as by her more shrewd Chief of Staff, Nivaza Vaniri, who was once a member of the Bajoran government directly after the Cardassian's departure.

Anaiya is engaged to be married to a young Bajoran arbitor named Jenas; the two met when Jenas volunteered for Anaiya's campaign.