Chief Of Staff Peter Morrison

Peter "Pete" Morrison is Federation President Azrixxiene Lishek's Chief of Staff.

Peter "Pete" Morrison
Race : Human
Place of Birth : Austin, Texas
Home Planet : Earth

Age : 56
Height : 5’10"
Weight : 170 lbs.


Peter Morrison — "Pete" to the President and his other close associates — has served Federation President Azrixxiene Lishek for decades, originally serving as a junior member of her staff when she was a junior member of the Federation Council; then eventually serving as her Chief of Staff, including during her tenure as a senior Council member. He was taken and held alongside her (and others, such as Captain Daniel Carlin) as a prisoner of war during the Rukakon war, and later assisted her in her efforts to reconstitute the Federation government. A definite member of the President's inner circle, he is rumored to be her closest confidant. His selection as and service since as her Chief of Staff during her Presidency was a natural, if not inevitable, move. Generally a likable man, Morrison nonetheless is also very much the typical COS — capable of fighting dirty with — or better than — the best of them, as ruthless as he is jovial, and with intimate knowledge of where just about every political 'body' in the Federation is buried.

Notes of Interest

Pete is a "confirmed bachelor"; his one brief marriage some 30 years earlier ended in divorce within six months; his ex-wife, Tanya Stevens, claims this was due to his work schedule and lack of time for her; he claims it was because she was sleeping with a reporter for the Luna Times. He dates occasionally but rarely seriously, and has no children.