Senior Chief Petty Officer Leif Zuran

Senior Chief Petty Officer Leif Zuran is an Intelligence Specialist on Federation Outpost 112, Gateway Sector. He reports to Intelligence Officer Commander Kalahaiea t'Leiya.


Department: Intelligence
Race: El-Aurian (liberated Borg)
Place of Birth: El-Aurian homeworld, El-Aurian system
Home Planet: El-Aurian homeworld
Age: 273
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 258 lbs
Hair length: Medium length
Hair-color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Complexion: White

Rank: Senior Chief Petty Officer
Major Area of Expertise: Special Operations Command
Minor Area of Expertise: Intelligence


Pre-Enlistment Years
Leif was born on the El-Aurian homeworld and was originally employed in protection work, securing government personnel and equipment. He was well-suited to this line of work given his tall frame and large build, but he eventually left his homeworld to see the galaxy. Leif managed to obtain passage aboard a Vulcan civilian transport in the 22nd century and fatefully would never see his homeworld again. In the late 23rd century, the El-Aurian homeworld was invaded by the Borg and most of his species was assimilated.

Joining the 'Fleet
Leif became involved with a human female, a Starfleet flight control officer aboard the USS Denver. After the Denver ran afoul of a gravitic mine in the Federation-Cardassian War, Leif was distraught. However, he chose to honor his beloved's passion for the UFP and exploration and he went to Earth to enlist in Starfleet.

In basic training, Leif excelled in marksmanship, hand-to-hand training, and had no problems meeting and surpassing the physical training elements. He was selected for a then-brand-new Special Operations Command, later known as the Starfleet SEALs.

To prepare for this assignment, Leif and a handful of select recruits participated in a grueling regimen of advanced tactical courses and training in Australia on Earth, basic underwater demolition training on the ocean world of Pacifica, ship assault and operations, Terran and alien weaponry, parachute training, and orbital insertion training.

'Damn few.'
Leif completed all of his training and was assigned to Starfleet SEAL Team 4, attached to the USS Tecumseh. Cross trained as a weapons specialist and a medic, Leif deployed with ST4 on numerous occasions, participating in both the Federation-Klingon War and the Dominion War. Leif engaged both Klingons and Jem'Hadar in hand-to-hand combat and experienced their tenacity in person.

After the Federation Alliance's successful victory over the Dominion, Leif planned to retire. However, the ship returning him to Earth for honorable discharge from Starfleet was intercepted near the Risa Sector by a Borg sphere. Leif's vessel was boarded and despite his best efforts, all of SEAL Team 4, 3rd Squad was assimilated or killed. Leif himself was assimilated.

Resistance not always futile
Seven years later, the sphere on which Leif served the Collective was probing Federation and Romulan defenses on the edge of the Alpha Quadrant. When the virus introduced through Unimatrix Zero spread through the Borg Collective, Leif and other drones lost their connection and asserted control of the sphere. The remaining drones managed to activate the vessel's self-destruct, but Leif and a handful of other former drones successfully transported to a planet in the Risa sector. They later made contact with Starfleet, who quarantined them and eventually debriefed the survivors. Several could not cope with the loss of the Collective and were kept by Medical, but Leif was released under supervision.

After two years and a battery of tests and simulations, Starfleet Medical was satisfied that Leif had no ties to the Collective and no interest in returning to the Borg. However, he was restricted from returning to the SEALs because of the remaining exo-plating and Borg implants they were unable to fully remove.

In spite of some administrative opposition, he was admitted to Starfleet's Intelligence Specialist program at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. Upon completion of the program, Leif requested a remote posting and was sent to Federation Outpost 112, Gateway Sector.

Most Notable Missions
(CLASSIFIED) During the second Federation-Klingon War, Leif deployed to the Archanis Sector with ST4 in the Federation counter-attack to retake the Arcanis Sector, wherein ST4 overwhelmed the crew of the Klingon flagship in the system, placed high yield explosives at key junctions, and blew up the Klingon ship.

(CLASSIFIED) During the Dominion War, ST4 was inserted into the Chin'toka System 2 days before the First Battle of Chin'toka. ST4 disabled several of the Cardassian orbital weapons platforms protecting the system, and the team's casualties were high. Nevertheless, SEAL actions on that day paved the way for an all-out assault by the Federation alliance fleet in what would be known later as the first Federation victory of the Dominion War.

Service Record
Starfleet BUD/S, Recruit
Heavy Weapons Training, Crewman
Basic/Combat Medicine Training, Crewman
Starfleet SEAL Team 4, 3rd Squad, Heavy Weapons Specialist, Petty Officer 3rd Class
Starfleet SEAL Team 4, 3rd Squad, HWS/Medic, Petty Officer 2nd Class
Starfleet Sniper School, Petty Officer 1st Class
Starfleet SEAL Team 4, 3rd Squad, Sniper, Chief Petty Officer
Starfleet SEAL Team 4, 3rd Squad, Squad XO, Senior Chief Petty Officer
- Borg sphere 351, Primary Adjunct, Three of Seven, Unimatrix 8
Starfleet Academy – Intelligence Wing
Federation Outpost 112, Intelligence Specialist, Senior Chief Petty Officer

Notes of Interest

Personal Traits
Leif's large, intimidating frame is offset by his quiet nature. His El-Aurian upbringing and considerable age haven given him many years to balance patience and opportunity, and he only speaks when it is of value to do so. He's highly disciplined, believing in hard work but also respect for the limits of the corporeal form he inhabits.

Given his advanced age and Borg history, Leif is a walking tactical encyclopedia but that same background also lends him some restraint. In a command/leadership role, Leif behaves calmly and is not usually influenced by the passions or fears of surrounding soldiers. He has no qualms about sending soldiers into danger because he is usually already in danger himself, and understands the importance of the chain of command. Since combat is a state requiring complete focus and self-discipline, Leif has become somewhat addicted to battle simulations on the holodeck to avoid dwelling on memories of life as a drone. He doesn't turn the safeties off, though, as he doesn't have a death wish.

Leif has awkward relationships with old friends in the wake of his time with the Borg. He talks less and is more somber than before. He appreciates the sound of ambient noises found in active, public locales such as starbases, bars, and the like. Leif prefers to meet new people and hear their stories, as opposed to solitude. However, Leif has taken note of the unease which people treat him and his Borg implants.

Appearance Note:
Although Starfleet Medical was able to remove most of his implants, a few pieces of Borg technology remain visible on Leif even when he is clothed. He still sports considerable exo-plating on his outer thighs, as well as a small implant on his face. Starfleet Medical yet lacks the knowledge to remove the nano-technology and tubules that run like veins through the arms of a person once assimilated.

Leif enjoys an odd collection of hobbies from various cultural traditions. Musically, he's inclined toward Klingon drums and is quite capable in front of a Trill piano. He enjoys reading the literature of many cultures, and believes that even centuries-old texts provide useful insights and lessons for life. Prior to his Borg captivity, Leif was very fond of singing, but he has not occupied center stage at a nightclub in years. If he is seen at a drinking establishment, Leif can be spotted in a corner, not drinking but listening and observing. If he's not there or on duty, Leif gravitates toward the holodeck and the battle simulations it provides, fictional or otherwise.

Father - (deceased) Mesus
Mother – (deceased) Freya