Christa Novaq

The daughter of Rear Admiral Elias Novaq, Christa had long endured her father's absence and evasive behaviour. His long service alongside members of Starfleet Intelligence and high profile involvement in all but the most recent of the Federation's major conflicts, took a huge toll on their relationship. The loss of her mother and brother in separate incidents only served to add further pressure to any meeting they managed to arrange.

Even without following her father into Starfleet, Christa excelled as a scientist, in particular the study of Quantum Cosmology. Her theories were allowed to develop aboard the science vessel USS Edwin Abbot, leading to the first real breakthroughs in studying alternate universes since the discovery of the Mirror Universe. And it was this expertise that finally brought her closer to her father - quite literally - when she provided the means to rescue him from one of these alternate universes.

This was a pattern that was to repeat itself when Rear Admiral Novaq was believed killed during his work on Project Infinite. Shortly thereafter, Christa was asked to bring her considerable experience to Project Infinite, working closely with Professor Nishichiro Bakuto where she was once more key to rescuing him from certain death. Unfortunately, this reunion was short lived as her father vanished when the alternate universes merged back into a single continuum.

Though there has not been a single sighting of her father in the years since the close of Project Infinite, she remains fairly pragmatic. In her own words, "if there were one man I were to bet on finding a way, any way, even if it broke the rules of physics itself… it would be my father".

She continues her work as part of The Orthanc Complex and still keeps in touch with her former step-mother, Captain Alandra Bexley.