Commander Bylaxera Drake

Commander Bylaxera Drake is the Commanding Officer of K7 Space Station and third in the Federation Outpost 112 Chain-of-Command.

Currently Acting Commanding Officer of Starbase Aeon

Name: Bylaxera Amalie Drake
Department: Command / JAG

Race: 3/4 Human, 1/4 Betazoid
Place of Birth: Princeton, NJ
Home Planet: Earth

Rank: Commander
Major Area of Study: Law
Minor Area of Study: History
Advanced Studies: Starfleet Command College

Age: 40
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Hair-color: light auburn
Eye color: black
Complexion: tan/brown
Physical Description: Strong compact build and a personal intensity that can make her seem larger than her fairly average height and weight. Her human lineage is a true mixture, Cuban/African, Indonesian, Chinese, Scot/Irish/English, German, Lebanese and likely several others further back. The result is an exotic blend made more striking by the jet black eyes inherited from her half-Betazoid mother.


Bylaxera ('Byla' to those who know her) studied law at Princeton* and enlisted in Starfleet as a JAG officer - following in the footsteps of grandfather, William Drake, who met her grandmother Lixrialla while serving as a JAG on Betazed. After a tour on the U.S.S. Juno, during which she distinguished herself in a case involving a Prime Directive conflict, she was assigned to the JAG branch office on Betazed.

At first this seemed like a dream come true - a promotion and a chance to live on her grandmother's homeworld and become better acquainted with that part of her family. However, the Dominion War began soon after her posting and a year later Jem'Hadar forces attacked Betazed. She and the other JAG staff managed to destroy the important records in the hours before the planet fell. Although they scattered into the city, most of her colleagues were killed as the Dominion took the Capital and staged mass executions to establish their control. Her grandparents were also brutally executed because of her grandfather's former position in Starfleet.


Like most of the surviving Starfleet personnel planetside, she eventually joined a resistance cell. Her training as lawyer was of little use, but the martial arts skills she'd learned at her father's dojo and her Starfleet training were. In particular, after the Federation's failed attempt to liberate Betazed, she lead one of the teams in the raid on Terrillis which liberated political prisoners from a heavily guarded Jem’Hadar base to be then retrieved by a Klingon task force. She was gravely wounded in the raid, losing a section of intestine and nearly dying from sepsis for lack of drugs and proper medical facilities. Too weak to join missions afterward, she turned a mind trained to construct a case or pick apart detail to assisting in planning missions. By the end of the war, she had gained a very practical grounding in the tactics of asymmetrical warfare.

After the war, she was sent to a medical facility and underwent operations to restore what had been lost in a field surgery performed with minimal resources. Her intention after recovering was to put her time with the Betazoid Resistance behind her and return to the JAG Corps. However, the Valkurak had other ideas, and after them, the Rukakon. Placed in postings each time that ultimately required more tactical than legal experience, when she was nominated to Command College, she took it as a sign. Her first posting after completion of the program was to Forever World.

Notes of Interest


Hobbies: writing, history, jeet kune do, eskrima

Personal Traits: Exhibits the confidence and cultured reserve of someone who grew up in the environs of an Ivy League college. However, she is from Jersey - a fact that becomes evident if someone crosses a line or tries to push her around. She does not shy from conflict and enjoys both verbal and physical sparring. Only mildly empathic (about enough to sound out a jury) but has become adept at shielding her own thoughts and emotions in most instances. After losing so many friends and comrades during the wars, she is slow to allow herself to become close to anyone.

Family: Father, Nico, is retired Starfleet Security and now teaches martial arts at a dojo near the Princeton campus where her mother, Deviorna, is a professor of Intergalactic Studies. Siblings: one sister, Annilira, killed during the Rukakon War, and one much younger brother (born after her mother's 'time'), Solidar, a jazz/fusion musician.

*Princeton hasn't had a law school since the mid-19th century, but it's so frequently listed as the law school for fictional characters that many real people are convinced it does (even a former congressman once praised it's law program). Hence, it used to be a running joke that Princeton's (currently) fictional law school was also the world's preeminent institution in the (previously fictional) field of space law.

(writer: bookdragon)