Commander Fevas Jolel

Commander Fevas Jolel is the executive officer of the USS Southern Cross, serving as a member of the Gateway Resistance Task Force assigned to put down the Gateway Resistance.

Name: Fevas Jolel
Department: Command

Race: Human
Place of Birth: Prime Colony, Relva VII
Home Planet: Relva VII

Age: 41
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 186 lbs
Hair length: Short
Hair-color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Complexion: Tan, Caucasian… youthful in appearance
Physical Description: Fevas looks like any other human male in his late 30's… except the Fevas has worked hard to keep himself in fighting shape. The man's fading blue eyes show signs of war-weariness… but who wouldn't after an entire lifetime spent almost entirely at war. Aside from that, he is fit, muscular, and chiseled.

Rank: Commander
Major Area of Study: Starship Operations
Minor Area of Study: Tactical


At age 17, Fevas was "talked" into enrolling at Starfleet Academy by this "blood brother" of his - Tyrea (see the section on family below). Both had top-level marks in their class, and were very competitive with one another - yet still friendly. They thrived off egging one another on. Graduation Day came and the boys hoped to be posted to the same ship. Regrettably, that wasn't to be.

After graduation, Fevas took his post as a Tactical officer on the USS Fallujah, while Tyrea was posted as an Engineer's mate on the USS Melbourne. As those who know their history would know, that did not bode well for Fevas' friend, since the Mebourne was lost - along with all hands - to the Borg at Wolf 359 a mere 4 weeks after Tyrea began his tour. Fevas was devastated, but threw himself into his duties.

Fevas' patient but disciplined demeanor made him more suitable to the Operations post than Tactical, and after a few years he was promoted to Ops as well as to LtJG. The Fallujah was eventually moved to the Gamma Quadrant and saw a great deal of action against the Dominion. On more than one occasion, Fevas was was decorated for "exceptional courage and composure in the face of insurmountable odds." "The man is unflappable," his Captain said on the day he promoted Fevas to Lieutenant.

As the war wound down, Fevas took a transfer closer to home aboard the USS Howard Russell, hoping for a quieter duty in the sector that contained his home planet. But the Valkurak war ended all that. He survived the crippling blow that destroyed 3/4 of the ship in an encounter with two Valkurak warships, working to save as many of his crewmates as possible. The effort earned him a decoration for Heroism. The battle damage earned him 4 months in recovery at a Starfleet Medical facility. Once healed, Starfleet assigned him to the USS Yukon and back to the war he went. When the Department Head for Operations transferred out, Fevas was promoted to that position. The end of his second major war found the young man considering his options. He chose to stay on board the Yukon and train other Ops officers in preparation for the next war. That time came all too soon.

2382 and the Rukakon conflict led to the loss of the Tactical Officer on the light carrier USS Shonash. On the recommendation of his CO, Fevas found himself transferred to the Shonash to fill the role (and promoted again - to LTC). 6 months later, Fevas was advanced to the position of Ship's XO and field promoted to Commander. He served there with distinction and commendations for service - helping to rebuild and re-train crews on the vessel in supporting integrated flight and ship operations. That is, until a few weeks ago when Captain Voltav of the Shonash set Fevas down for a cup of coffee in his quarters. "So, Fevas… tell me. Have you ever heard of the Sindareen…?"

2345 - Born on the Federation Colony at Relva VII
2362 - Entrance granted to Starfleet Academy
2367 - Graduation from Starfleet Academy, Assigned to the USS Fallujah (Springfield-class) at Tactical
2371 - Promoted to Lt JG, made shift chief, Operations, USS Fallujah
2374 - Field promotion to Lieutenant after a number of successful missions in the Dominion War
2375 - Transfer to USS Howard Russell (Saber-class) - Operations Officer
2376 - Assigned to the USS Yukon (Cheyenne-class) as Operations Officer
2378 - Named Department Head - Operations, USS Yukon
2382 - Promotion to Lt Commander, transferred to the USS Shonash (Luna-class) as Operations Department Head
2383 - Field promotion to Commander, named ship's XO.
2386 - Posted to the Southern Cross as XO

Notes of Interest

Hobbies: Martial Arts - specifically Aikido and Bojutsu, Team sports, Stratagema, Chess, Genealogy.
Personal Traits: Self-disciplined, calculating. Not prone to brash behavior or external displays of emotion, though he can be charming at times.

Family: Fevas is the son of two 10th-generation colonists on the Federation Colony at Relva VII. His father, Jolel Jurias, provided maintenance services to the Federation outpost facilities. His mother, Fevas Dorian, stayed home and tended to the family homestead. By tradition, Fevas is the only child of the two. It's hard to say when the tradition began… likely during settlement when the need to ration supplies was greatest. even though the colony is a thriving Starfleet outpost, many Relvan colonists keep to the tradition of each family having only one child - named for his or her mother and father (ladies took their father's name first and boys took their mother's).

While the Federation school on the planet provided education to the colonists, Fevas' parents chose to teach him at home. The young man excelled in mechanics and athletics. He enjoyed the sporting events held on the planet - especially hand-to-hand martial arts contests. His mother and father both were well versed in defensive martial arts, and he and his good friend Tyrea Michael spent hours training under the shade and shelter of an old, twisted tree near his home. Tyrea was essentially like a brother to the man.

Traditional Relvan colonists, which Fevas' parents are, also practice the tradition of arranged marriages. Unlike his best friend, Fevas chose not to return from the Academy on his 21st birthday to take a bride… much to the displeasure of his parents (and the woman to whom he was betrothed - but had never met). Despite the choice, Fevas remains close with both his mother and father. As Jolel told his wife, "Our son has figured out there's more to life than duty. There's also the duty to live one's life as he chooses."