Commander Jezri Rix

Name: Jezri Rix
Department: Command
Current Assignment: Undercover Operative (Gateway Resistance Task Force)

Race: Joined Trill
Home Planet: Trill Homeworld

Rank: Commander

Major Area of Study : Tactics
Minor Area of Study: Security
2nd Minor Area of Study : Command


Age: 42 /250 Earth years
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue/Green
Height: 6'1"
Physical Description: Attractive. Has Trill spots, the trait known for her race. She has mischievous eyes.


Jezri was joined at age 18. It was around that time she entered the Academy. The Rix symboiant had a number of hosts by that time. Each of Rix' hosts (except the first) all were in a military of some sort or another. Jezri chose to major in Security and Tactics, knowing she would excel in this area, given her host's pasts. Now, years later, Jezri has become a very successful officer. Her many lifetimes of combat have formed her into a very efficient and creative security and tactical officer. She possesses knowledge of weapons, hand-to-hand combat, interrogations, tactics, rescue, guarding, and investigative skills. It should also be noted that Jezri has a tendency to rub others the wrong way. She puts little regard in how others view her. She simply wishes to do her job as good as possible, without the interference of niceties. She believes in the "spirit" of Starfleet, meaning she occasionally ignores the "letter of the law," doing what she feels is right in a given situation.

Rix was transferred to Starbase 24 to assist in Project Infinite. The nature of this transfer and the project are classified.

Rix was transferred away from Project Infinite and was given new orders. She served as First Officer aboard the USS Bulwark under the command of Captain Rivera.

Most recently, Rix was the commanding officer of space station SB-58.

Previous Assignments

Commander of the Federation Penal Settlement near Auckland, New Zealand
Senior staffer of Project Infinite