Commander Michelle Vadala

Commander Michelle Vadala serves as the commanding officer of K7 Space Station and third in Federation Outpost 112's chain-of-command.

Name: Michelle Vadala
Department: Command / Engineering

Race: Human
Place of Birth: Buenos Aries
Home Planet: Earth

Age: 42
Height: 65"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair length: Shoulder length, often worn in a bun.
Hair-color: brown
Eye color: blue
Complexion: fair
Physical Description: Strong but thin build, with the tendency to favor her right leg, and always with a flesh colored glove on her left hand. Both her left leg and arm are biosynthetic replacements. Without her glove, the left arm is a paler skin shade than her own. There are no problems with her biosynth leg, and she is well aware she will her tendency to avoid putting her her full weight on the prosthetic is a psychological affectation.

Rank: Commander
Major Area of Study: Warp Physics and Engineering
Minor Area of Study: Squad level tactics



Michelle Vadala enlisted in Starfleet in 2363 and trained as a security detachment member, known to Starfleet old-timers as part of the "Redshirt" Corps. She served as a crewmember on the U.S.S. Drake and U.S.S. Shran before promotion to Petty Officer. Vadala became NCOIC of the security detachment for the Starship Eagle in 2371, and served on the ship when the Dominion War began. The Eagle was one of 14 ships which survived the battle of Tyra which destroyed the Federation's Seventh Fleet. Vadala was the only surviving member of the security section when that deck section was cut off by disruptor fire and most of her comrades burned to death. CPO Vadala's leg was pinned under a collapsed phaser rack and she was unable to save any of them. Once the Eagle left the Tyra system, she was saved by emergency transport to sickbay, her leg crushed and her arm too badly burned to be saved.

Vadala spent months recovering, and wracked with guilt that she did not save her subordinates. She left Starfleet medical early, before the biosynth process was complete on her arm, to return to a posting on the front lines. She was part of the infantry battle on Shar'Tala'Veb during the Jem' Hadar's assault on the Kalandra Sector, and responded to the fall of Betazed. When Betazed fell, CPO Vadala returned to Earth with retreating forces. Vadala's detachment was prepping to deploy to the Cardassian lines when the Founders surrendered to the Federation. Vadala left the service in 2375 and spent a year suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder before seeking help. After two years at Tantalus V, Vadala applied to Starfleet Academy, where she took on an engineering track. She graduated as a Lieutenant taking a posting as assistant engineer on the U.S.S. Steamrunner. Vadala's latest assignment to the Gateway Sector is her first as Lieutenant Commander.

2363: Vadala enlists in Starfleet
2365: Assigned to U.S.S. Drake
2368: Assigned to U.S.S. Shran
2371: Assigned U.S.S. Eagle
2373: Dominion War begins
2374: Seventh Fleet destroyed at Tyra
2375: Kalandra Offensive; Betazed falls; War ends
2378: Leaves Tantalus V, enters Starfleet Academy
2382: Assigned to U.S.S. Steamrunner as assistant engineer
2386: Transfers to Gateway sector
2386: Promoted to the rank of Commander, given command of K7 Space Station.

Notes of Interest

Hobbies: Nearly obsessive in her study of warp physics and instrumentation.

Personal Traits: Very introverted, spends most of her free time by herself. Does not like to talk about her enlisted experience; however, in the right setting she is still very capable in close quarters or squad level combat.

Family: Father (Arturo) serves as Judge Advocate General in Paris at the Federation Capital. Mother (Maria) deceased; sister (Denise) declared missing during the Dominion War, whereabouts unknown.