Commander Nianda Lishek

Commander Nianda "Nia" Lishek is the Chief of Flight Operations aboard Station K-7, commanding officer of all associated pilots and flight personnel, including the 77th Fighter Squadron - Gamblers and the 68th Fighter Squadron - Lightning Lancers.

Name : Nianda "Nia" Diane Lishek

Race : Betazoid
Place of Birth : Betazed
Home Planet : Betazed

Age : 29
Height : 5’4”
Weight : 110 lbs.
Physical Description: Small but fairly muscular for a Betazoid. Her most striking feature is her eyes, in the past they have been described as something which could “pierce your soul” — a perhaps not inaccurate description given her unusual telepathic prowess.

Rank: Commander
Department: Flight
Major Area of Study : Flight
Minor Area of Study : Engineering


Nia is among those extremely rare Betazoids who were born with their telepathic abilities active. In addition, her abilities are on the extreme end of that scale, even for a Betazoid. However, she was spared the social defects and adverse affects which affect nearly all such Betazoid children by a very dedicated family, who shielded her infant mind with their own for the first several years of her life, protecting her from the trauma most such children experience, until she was old enough to shield her own mind.

Well aware that her control over her ability to shield herself hung by a thread at all times, Nia never pursued training in harnessing her talents, instead entering Starfleet Academy, followed by flight school. After flight school, Nia served on the USS Marathon, the USS Liberty, and as a pilot attached to Project Infinite; in all cases reporting to Commander Kalahaiea t'Leiya, to whom she is extremely close.

Nia suppressed her telepathic abilities with the suppressant drug bortelin during her Academy and flight school years, as well as her first several years on duty, near the end of her time on the Liberty, she was forced to discontinue such measures in order to complete several assignments requiring her telepathic talents. These actions, combined with the stresses of working behind enemy lines and her already fragile state, resulted in her suffering a telepathically-induced mental breakdown after the Liberty's return to Federation space, necessitating her taking several months of medical leave to return to her family on Betazed.

Despite this, her later service to the Project was often telepathic in nature in addition to her primary function as a fighter pilot, a fact which brought her to the attention of Admiral David Luc, head of Starfleet Intelligence and a fellow Betazoid with abnormally strong telepathic abilities. Seeing how close she still remained to losing control of her ability to shield her mind, he brought the young officer to Earth for several weeks and worked with her to gain better control of her abilities and enhance her mental shields. While she found his assistance invaluable, she found herself very frightened by some of the Admiral’s more extreme abilities, as well as his continual pleas to her to consider intelligence work. Due these issues, she declined his offer of more advanced forms of training, however, even unhoned, Nia's abilities are still advanced when compared to most Betazoids; among other things, she possesses the ability to control people’s perceptions of a situation.

In 2386, Nia was assigned to the Gateway Sector as squadron commander of the 77th Fighter Squadron - Gamblers, a move which caused quite a bit of consternation at headquarters to send her so close into harm's way, given her mother's status as President. For obvious security reasons, Nia's assignment was discussed by no news outlets or other avenues and her transport to the sector was done under an assumed name in order to foil anyone attempting to track her movements. After only a short time at her new posting, however, the departure of Commander Victoria Martin and the difficulty of acquiring new personnel in a timely manner caused Captain Daniel Carlin to promote Nia to her current assignment as Chief of Flight Ops.

Notes of Interest

Fun loving, bouncy, and energetic, with good sense of humor and a thirst for adventure, Nia is rather unorthodox for a Betazoid, possessing, as it has been termed before, "the spirit of a warrior". She enjoys gambling, computer games, action flicks, holodeck simulations, and surfing. She has never met a party she didn't like.

Like her mother, Federation President Azrixxiene Lishek, Nia was not present on Betazed during the Dominion's invasion and occupation of it, as she was on Earth attending the Academy at the time. This fact has left both mother and daughter occasionally feeling a disconnect from other members of Betazoid society who did live through the occupation, including many members of their own family; due to the fact that, as Nia once explained it to a non-Betazoid who inquired of it: “My people are all linked, in some way or another, eventually, to every other member of our race. When a human suffers, it affects only them and their immediate circle. But when a Betazoid does…like ripples on a pond, it reaches out to touch everyone, changes everyone. My whole word suffered, bore that experience together, and were forever changed by it. And when one didn't participated in that experience, hasn't undergone that change…then it serves to exclude one, no matter how people might try to do otherwise.”


Mother: Federation President Azrixxiene Lishek
Father: Amari Lishek (deceased)
Brother: Josh Lishek (age 18)