Commander T'Klome

Commander T'Klome is the executive officer of the USS Nemesis.

Name: T’Klome (Often called “Lo” or simply “Klom” by most of the crew.)
Department: Command

Race: Vulcan
Place of Birth: Starbase 248
Home Planet: Vulcan

Age: 68
Height: 5’3
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair length: Medium; goes just past his ears
Hair-color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Complexion: Asian/Oriental
Physical Description: Tall and lean. Broad frame. Twice the strength of an average Humanoid.

Rank: First Officer/Acting Counselor
Major Area of Study: Counseling
Minor Area of Study: Command


T’Klome graduated from the top of his Class at Starfleet Academy with flying colors. He was especially adept in Psychology, Counseling, and was proficient in his knowledge of the minds of others. Served aboard the U.S.S. Gilgamesh in his first tour of duty until being eventually promoted to Petty Officer in 2373; in which he during this time had assisted his Captain in a negotiation with an enemy ship, which was not going well prior. He had served aboard two other starships; the Risktaker and the Archipelago, gaining two more commissions until he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

T’Klome’s ability to talk to others made him a key diplomat during the Dominion War. While his exploits were not on record, (They were made top-secret to avoid attention and enemy intelligence probing) this prodigal talent attracted the attention of Section 31. He was tested and probed by the organization through Memory implantation, Holographic imagery, and interrogations. He passed all of them, and was inducted into the organization shortly before Luther Sloan’s disappearance. Section 31’s influence within Starfleet Intelligence has allowed T’Klome to be assigned to the U.S.S. Nemesis; which is secretly being investigated by Section 31 on the grounds of a potential traitor that could transmit information and schematics of the new technology it has been outfitted with to the enemy. It’s protection is crucial; For if the Nemesis falls, the consequences would be disastrous for the Federation's defense of the Gateway Sector perimeter. T’Klome is also to covertly gather any and all information referring to the Guardian of Forever or its internal mechanics. His status as First Officer and talents of interaction with others is precisely why he was chosen to be Section 31’s eyes and ears within the Gateway Sector.

2367: Joins Starfleet Academy.
2368: Inducted into a Cadet group called the Group of Ten, an advanced diplomatic/debate research group.
2369: After receiving a commendation for outstanding marks in the fields of both Counseling and Diplomacy, is allowed to serve for one week aboard the U.S.S. McCoy as Acting Counselor.
2370: Graduated Starfleet Academy; Assigned to U.S.S. Gilgamesh.
2371-2373: Promoted to Petty Officer in 2373; Assisted (Off-The-Record) in the negotiations that ended the Battle of Onarsus Four during the Dominion War. Transferred to the U.S.S. Risktaker a month therafter.
2374-2380: A Letter of Recommendation from his Captain allowed T’Klome to be transferred to the U.S.S. Archipelago. Diplomatic achievements aboard the Archipelago Soon catch the attention of Section 31. Became “Missing in Action” for almost one month in 2375, until found on a remote Class-M Planet due to a Transporter malfunction. (Classified documents explain that during this time, he was actually being secretly inducted into Section 31)
2385-2386: Assigned to the U.S.S. Nemesis in 2386, under direct recommendation from Starfleet Command. (Classified documents say that Section 31 may have influenced T'Klome's dirct transfer to the Nemesis; though this is unconfirmed.)

Notes of Interest

Hobbies: T’Klome often enjoys music, and can be seen playing his Vulcan lute; which was a memento passed to him by his sister T'Laas. Also a fan of mysteries and crime novels, primarily the works of Sherlock Holmes and an ancient Earth show called “Law and Order.” His authority as Acting Counselor often causes him to be the Mediator of disputes aboard the ship; though lacking the authority of a Security Chief.

Personal Traits: T’Klome is a “loner,” often choosing to stay on his own instead of truly socialize with everybody. Is very proud of his Vulcan heritage, and adheres to its customs persistently. While an overly logical person; which would steer most away, many people often come to him for advice. (This prompted his Captain into promoting him to Acting Counselor, as the previous Counselor had been transferred from the ship and Starfleet is being oddly slow on sending a replacement for reasons unknown) T’Klome feels somewhat close to the crew of the Nemesis, and as a result regrets not being able to tell the crew of his orders from Section 31. (This is also another reason he prefers his privacy) Despite his “lone wolf” attitude, a few of the crewmembers are close friends with him; as they are mostly seen engaging in his mystery simulations.

Family: T’Leka (Mother; Deceased)
Kelvor (Father; Active, Member of Vulcan’s Ruling Council)
T’Laas (Sister; Active)
Saloren (Brother; Assimilated by Borg; Considered Deceased)