Commander T. Laraka

Commander T. Laraka is the executive officer of the USS Al-Batani and part of the Federation Task Force assigned to put down the Gateway Resistance.

Laraka is Caitian and has the appearance of an Earth native Tiger. Laraka is generally stoic, displaying very little emotion. He is a warrior by nature but has harnessed that aggression and controls it through Starfleet mental diciplines. Laraka is large in stature, standing at almost nine feet tall. His body is solid muscle, thick and brawny.

Notes of Interest

Laraka's first name is extremely difficult to pronounce, therefore he goes simply by "T".

Laraka roars when angry, although is seldom seen. It is said to be a frightening display.

He is highly skilled in both Caitian and Starfleet Advanced Combat, and an excellent shot with a phaser rifle.