Commander Victoria Martin

Commander Victoria Martin is Chief of Flight Operations and Commanding Officer of K7 Space Station .

Name: Victoria (Vic) Martin

Race: Human
Place of Birth: New York City, New York
Home Planet: Earth

Age: 24
Height: 5’6
Weight: 106 lbs
Hair length: Shoulder-length and wavy.
Hair-color: Honey-blond
Eye color: Green
Complexion: Fair but she tans nicely
Physical Description: Fit. Athletic and shapely

Rank: Commander
Major Area of Study: Command
Minor Area of Study: Flight


Victoria belongs to a well-known military family. Everyone expected Admiral Martin to have a boy to perpetuate the family name and military prestige but it wasn’t possible as the doctors forbade his wife, Lydia, from ever carrying another child after her child birth complications. Victoria always felt like a disappointment.

She was determined to “earn” her father’s love, so Victoria excelled in school and athletics. Soon she was placed in a class for gifted students. She graduated at age sixteen and entered Starfleet Academy. And, for the first time in her life she understood that being a Martin meant: people would always criticize her actions.

Through perseverance and hard work, Victoria rapidly climbed the military ranks. Her latest assignment took her to Forever World as Commander of the K7 Space Station.

Hobbies and Traits
Hobbies: She enjoys playing the cello, cross stitch, cooking, kung-fu and boxing. Once in awhile you´ll find her in a ballet studio practicing her grand jeté and en pointe.

Personal Traits:
Victoria is driven and focused. She is highly respected and admired by her colleagues. Her decisions are always well thought and even when she has to react rapidly, her choices are wise. She´s very much "in control". The only tell tale sign that she is worried is that she'll undo her ponytail.

She seems to be all “business”, so very few have seen her friendly side and know her dry (and a bit sarcastic) sense of humor. But those that have, know she’s very sweet, caring, and nothing but loyal.

Victoria’s never been in love – maybe because all men seem to be intimidated by her and the ones that don’t want to use her to become Stella’s next boyfriend.

Commander Martin is often referred to as “Vic”, which immediately causes people to think she’s a man. She’s used to seeing their surprise when they meet her or hear a woman’s voice. Don’t ever call her Vicky.

Her best friend is Stella King.

Until this day, she is still waiting for a sign of approval from her father.

Father: Admiral Jonathan Martin (retired)
Mother: Lydia Martin (Diplomat)