Commodore Stephen Zelazko

Commodore Stephen Zelazko is a former Starfleet Officer who was killed at Starbase Trinity Core during the Project Infinite. He was officially declared deceased. However, a few years later, a clone of Zelazko was discovered at the planet Prax. The clone Zelazko was created by the Vorta with the intent of replacing the actual Zelazko. This plan was abandoned once it was discovered the real Zelazko was dead.

Deemed to be an innocent, the clone Zelazko took the role that his doppelganger once held.


Race: Human
Place of Birth: Des Moines, Iowa
Home Planet: Earth

Age: 51
Height: 6’1
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair Length: Standard
Hair Color: Brown (Peppered Grey and grey hair around ears)
Eye Color: Blue
Complexion: Caucasian
Physical Description: Average Build. Powerful stare and commanding presence.


Rank: Commodore

Major Area of Study: Command
Minor Area of Study: Tactical


Stephen Fredrick Zelazko was born January 12th, 2334 in Des Moines, Iowa. His parents are William and Audrey Zelazko and he is the youngest of two siblings, having an older sister, Amanda Zelazko (Four years his elder).


Stephen’s parents were corn farmers in Iowa and lived a very structured life, with an early to bed, early to rise mentality. Stephen did attend school, but afterwards had several chores that were required of him. He was a tremendous help to his parents on the family farm and still managed to keep high marks at school. As he grew older, he maintained high academic standards and participated in school athletics, and extra-curriculars. As a youth, his two passions were football and astronomy.

After high school graduation, he enrolled in Starfleet Academy. He found the academy quite enjoyable as he was use to the structured life-style and enjoyed the new educational opportunities. Zelazko focused (and excelled) in command and tactics, and befriended several of his classmates, Ray Jarvinen and a few of the Hertzog brothers, particularly Thomas Hertzog.

In Zelazko’s third year at the academy, he was removed from the core curriculum, and enrolled in Starfleet Intelligence: Games and Theory program.

Reports and complaints came from the Zelazko Family, having lost all contact with their son.

Current File Access Restricted

Stephen Zelazko’s whereabouts after his third year at the academy are difficult to lock down, but in 2363, a wedding license certificate was processed on Risa under the two names Lt. Commander Stephen A. Zelazko and Teresa J. Turner.

At somepoint during this time Zelazko was trained by Section 7.

Zelazko did resurface on several other occasions, being temporarily assigned to Federation starships as needed. During the Borg confrontation at Wolf 359, he served as temporary captain of the USS Ahwahnee, with Commander Thomas Hertzog as his first officer. Zelazko was present when Thomas was killed.

After Wolf 359, in 2371, Zelazko was assigned to the USS Bellicose to restructure and discipline the unruly crew. Ironically, he replaced and demoted Thomas Hertzog’s younger brother, (then) Commander Maxwell Hertzog. Around that same time, Teresa J. Zelazko dies unexpectedly. After Teresa's death, Zelazko takes a leave of absence, returning to his home in Iowa.

In 2372, he is called back to Starfleet, given command of the USS Endeavor, and was a key part in the Dominion War. In 2373, the Endeavor took part in the Earth blockade at the Battle of Sector 001, against the Borg. Zelazko remained in command of the Endeavor for several more years, throughout the Valkurak War.

After the Valkurak War, Zelazko was promoted to the rank of commodore and assigned temporarily as a battle tactics professor at Starfleet Academy. In late 2381, he was reassigned to a classified project (Project Infinite).

In 2382, Extremely out of character, Zelazko declares insurrection from Starfleet, (believing President Siro Jarvinen as a true criminal of the Federation/Starfleet, incapable of justified leadership), and is taken into custody. During prisoner transfer, the ship transporting Zelazko is attacked by the Rukukon. Vulcans come to the ship's aid, and take Zelazko into their own custody.

In 2383, Zelazko joins the Independent Fleet, rebelling in against Fleet Prime during the Rukakon War.

In 2384, Zelazko is killed in action.

In 2386, a clone of Zelazko is discovered at a Sindareen Hatchery Lab.

Hobbies and Traits

Hobbies: Enjoys American Football, astronomy, and darts. Proficient in jujitsu.

Traits: Brave, sharp, humorless, stern, yet honest and fair.

Notes of Interest

Father: Nile Zelazko (Deceased)
Mother: Bertha Zelazko (Deceased)
Sister: Amanda Zelazko (Deceased)
Thought to have an estranged nephew.

Wife: Teresa J. Turner Zelazko (Deceased)

Zelazko has had bad ties with Captain Jvobrakh Seth , due to their past regarding Tarmo and Ray Jarvinen.

Zelazko also has heated ties with Chief Maxwell Hertzog .

Zelazko is the 5th member of the brethren, Section 7 .