Counselor Eric Lansing

Counselor Eric Lansing


Name: Eric Lansing
Department: Psychology/Medical
Race: Human
Place of Birth: Star, North Carolina
Home Planet: Earth


Age: 32
Height: 6’
Weight: 170
Hair length: Short
Hair-color: Dark Blonde
Eye color: Green
Complexion: Caucasian
Physical Description: Eric is slightly over average height, with a lean, toned build. He has hair that is stuck between blonde and brown, with very striking, intense green eyes and classically handsome facial features. He has a barely perceptible dusting of freckles over his nose and cheeks.


Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Major Area of Study: Counseling/Pscyhology
Minor Area of Study: Basic Science


From an early age, Eric excelled at leadership. His father recognized this and sent him to Starfleet Academy, where Eric thrived. Impulsive and reckless at times, Eric earned sharp reprimand on occasion from his instructors, but his keen intellect and dynamic leadership skills kept him afloat through training. His instructors expected him to study command, but Eric’s interest in and concern for people fueled him to study counseling. After graduating from the Academy, Eric was quickly assigned to a starship. His father then revealed a family secret to him, which caused Eric to estrange himself from his father, though he keeps in touch with his younger sister, Kimberly.

Eric was assigned to Starbase Trinity Core as part of Project Infinite, and there he found his long-lost sister, Dr. Petra Shannon. During his time on Trinity Core, Eric also played a part in the redemption of Aasera, daughter of Bridging Runner Matt Blackfoot.

After Project Infinite, Eric stayed in touch with Petra and was assigned to Outpost 112 along with her, where he now serves as a counselor.

Notes of Interest


Hobbies: Eric enjoys anything physical and anything that gives him a chance to show off. He loves piloting various vehicles and also enjoys weaponry. He is a skilled pilot and marksman. Eric is a fan of music of almost any kind—anything but opera. He is also a fan of classic science fiction from Earth’s earlier days.

Personal Traits: Eric is outgoing, warm-hearted, passionate, and impulsive. He is good with people—both counseling them and leading them. He is skilled at making split-second decisions and thrives on challenges. He enjoys giving advice and is an excellent judge of character. At times he can be headstrong and reckless, though his intentions are usually selfless. When it comes to the ladies, he is something of a show-off. He likes to impress. He is a fiercely loyal friend. Ironically, he sometimes has trouble with expressing his feelings, tending to hide them under bravado. He is good at analyzing the feelings of others, but is uncomfortable at times with his own.

Father: Captain Trevor Lansing (retired)
Mother: Deirdre Lansing (deceased)
Stepmother: Katherine Lansing
Half-Sister: Kimberly Lansing (age 17)
Sister: Dr. Petra Shannon