CWS Ravage

The Cardassian Warship Ravage is a Keldon-Class vessel and the flag ship of the Cardassian Union, under the command of Legate Levat.


Class: Keldon (Advanced)
Affiliation: Cardassian Central Command
Length: 371.88 meters
Width: 118.7 meters
Height: 70.3 meters
Decks: 14
Crew: 500
Speed: Warp 9.7
Armaments: 8 spiral wave disruptor Mounts
Defences: Shields / Armored Hull
Auxiliary craft: 15 Shuttlecraft and Fighters


Keldon class warships were introduced by the Cardassian Union in the late 2360s, enlarging and improving upon the successful Galor-class design to better counter a new generation of designs by the Federation's Starfleet and other antagonistic states. Starfleet first encountered these vessels in 2371, by which time the Cardassians had built a considerable number of these ships. The Keldons were the top Cardassian ships of the Dominion War.

The Keldon Advanced was a faster variant of the Keldon-class. These improved ships were under the command of the Obsidian Order who based them in the Orias System.

Some variants of the Keldon class starships possessed cloaking devices. They were also capable of overloading their own plasma banks to create more powerful weapon discharges.