Devi di’ Bashere

Devi di’ Bashere is a civilian Body Guard/Bounty Hunter currently on Starbase Aeon.

Name: Devi di’ Bashere
Profession: Bounty Hunter/Body guard

Race: Kainan
Gender: Female
Complexion: Black and light grey
Age: 26
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair Length/Color: Black mid black, thick
Eye Color: Ice blue with in dark blue

Home Planet: Kainis

Major Area: Security
Minor Area: Tactical


Pre-Academy Years:

Devi was raised from the age of 5 to be an elite body guard. This was expected of her for this is what her family has done for generations. The Bashere name is known through out the star systems as having some of the best body guards. Her life till she joined Star Fleet at the age of 17 consisted of training in various martial arts styles from hand to hand to ancient weapons and dance. Her only friend during this time was her twin brother. For them the training was a competition. Who was the best. This is where she gets her competitiveness and single mindedness. When they turned 16 their father was killed protecting the Kainan Ambassador. It was shorty after this that their mother made them promise to do something else with their lives. Her brother broke his promise and continued with his training. Devi joined Star Fleet when she turned 17.

Academy Information:

Devi excelled in security and tactical, She graduated in the top 3% of her class. During her time at the academy Devi stayed to herself for the most part. She focused on her work and training. She particularly enjoyed PT and weapons training. Her classmates considered her to be stuck up with a chip on her shoulder. All except one. Andrea Estrada a human that for whatever reason Devi became friends with. It was Andrea that got Devi into poetry and earth music and to look at the big picture.

Cadet Deployment:

Devi’s cadet deployments were spent with the 2rd Marine SFMC Division and the Military Police Element where she excelled in her duties. Her commanding officer recommended her for special ops

Service Record:

Devi applied for and was excepted into the SEALs (Recon). First assignment recon into Classified. Second assignment recovery of Ambassador Classified.

Service Record Note:

Resigned commission after three years active duty and obtaining the rank of Lieutenant. Honorable discharge.

Notes of Interest:

Devi is a martial arts/ancient weapons prodigy. Joining Star Fleet she excelled in security, tactical, combat and special forces training. Her Seal trainer MCPO Jack Haines (Black Jack) took her under his wing and gave her patience. She resigned her commission as LT and for the past 3 years she has hired herself out as a body guard and is a licensed bounty hunter. The reason she resigned her commission, though she will not talk about it, is due to the death of her brother. His murderer has not been found. Being in Star Fleet restricted her in trying to find who was responsible.

Personal Traits:

Devi is a focused individual. This can cause her to not see the whole picture right away. Her job makes it a bit hard to establish friendships let alone relationships. Though a bit head strong she does listen to reason.


Devi is a quiet individual for the most part which can come across as either bitchy or smug but can be talkative if she feels comfortable enough. She has a sense of humor once you get to know her. She has a soft spot for children.


Devi likes to read and write poetry. Loves 20th century earth music. Loves to train and dance.


Mother: Shasha di’ Bashere
Father: dead
Brother: dead
Uncle: dead

Other Significant Personal Influence:

Kalra ti’ Bashere her uncle
Andrea Estrada best friend from the Acadamy
MCPO Jack Haines (Black Jack) SEAL instructor