Doctor Divash

Doctor Divash is a senior medical officer serving on Federation Outpost 112.

She is currently Chief Medical Officer on Starbase Aeon


Race: Orion
Place of Birth: Ayirn
Home Planet: Ayirn

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Department: Medical
Major Area of Study: Medicine
Minor Area of Study: Biomechanics/medical technology

Age: 31
Height: 1.75m (5'8")
Weight: 60kg (132 lbs)
Hair length: long
Hair-color: black with green/blue highlights
Eye color: green/brown
Complexion: green
Physical Description: Physically attractive, but more sensual than feminine. Moves with the strength and grace of an Orion dancer. She likes to look good and will find a way to look stylish even in Starfleet jumpsuit uniforms.



Divash is the youngest daughter of Leata, a lodubyal - what humans usually think of as Orion slave girls, although they are actuallly more similar to the geisha of ancient Japan. Her mother was skilled and considered a great beauty, leading a favorite patrons, Caruch, to buy her contract after he achieved success as a merchant captain. He moved her and her children to his home base on Ayirn where Divash was born a year later. Caruch is probably her biological father, but Orions generally aren't too concerned with paternity as caj (clan) membership is matrilinear. What makes him her father in the sense that counts is that he continued to provide for her, as well as for her mother and sisters, even after Leata's contract ended and she retired from being a lodubyal.

The Orion colony of Ayirn is in Federation space but in close proximity to the Klingon Empire. This position led to a mutually beneficial arrangement in the mid-23rd century whereby the world became a member of the Federation but remained under the governance of the Orion caj that had founded the colony. As a result, Divash is a citizen of both the Federation and the Orion Union. Bringing Ayirm into the Federation also required a compromise on the issue of slavery in that slavery per se was banned, but indentured servitude was permitted so long as it was entered freely by a person of legal age to sign the contract. Thus Divash's mother remained a lodubyal for the remainder of her contract, but her daughters could not be indentured to a school that would train them to become lodubyaln.

Leata still taught her daughters as much as she could of her skills, particularly how to dance and how to wield dancer's knives to protect themselves. The two oldest used that training to get jobs in the nightclub that served personnel from the planet's small Starfleet outpost. Bright and curious, Divash wanted more. Recognizing her potential, Caruch indulged her. She was allowed to join his crew to assist the ship's aging doctor while onboard provided she danced when they entertained/negotiated with customers. Her dancing probably swung some deals in Caruch's favor, but she really took to learning medicine. She also took to really hating the Syndicate who seemed to turn up at the worst times to either spook legit buyers or try to shake down anyone making a profit that they hadn't already gotten their fingers into.


Despite her aptitude, Orion attitudes toward gender roles made it was almost impossible for a woman to gain admittance to an Orion medical college. Fortunately, as a Federation citizen, Divash's options weren't limited to the Orion Union. She was admitted to Starfleet Academy and, given her experience serving as med tech on Caruch's ship, qualified for an accelerated track in the medical college. Upon graduation she was assigned to the USS Godwin which patroled the sector of space near the Orion Neutrality Zone. The Godwin saw only light action during the Rukakon war, but they worked with Orion traders/smugglers to help get needed resources to the Federation forces.

Her career might have gone smoothly from there, but a new captain was assigned to the Godwin. Capt. Erica Caine had been tasked with cracking down on Syndicate activities, which Divash would have totally supported if Capt. Caine hadn't pursued her orders by indiscriminately cracking down on everyone. This demonstrated a profound lack of understanding of how things worked in the Ayirn system. It was pretty standard for Orion merchants to occasionally supplement their legal business with a bit of smuggling and piracy - a fact that had been to Federation's advantage when they'd needed supplies run during the war.
Divash tried to explain matters, quietly at first, then more stridently; finally gaining a few reprimands for insubordination. The final straw came when her captain tried to search Caruch's ship. Orion loyalties are to family first and they definitely come ahead of obedience to a closed-minded 'fleet captain. She snuck into engineering and cut the tractor beam holding Caruch's ship. Although no one could prove she'd done it, Caine had wanted her off her ship and Divash had been only too glad to leave.

How much better the assignment to Outpost 112 will be, remained to be seen. However, she has made friends, particularly with Commander Kalahaiea t'Leiya with whom she shared quarters. This is a somewhat surprising development - under normal circumstances, Romulans and Orions regard each other the way most people regard highly venomous snakes. However, neither woman is 'normal' by the standards of her people. That, and coming from peoples seldom seen in Starfleet and typically viewed with suspicion in the Federation, has contributed to a shared bond between the two. It has also created a fair amount of anxiety and suspicion on the parts of their families.

She has also become close to the Dosadi Exchange Officer, now Dosadi Liaison Officer, LT T'Ango who is a mutual friend to her and another close friend, Nurse Gunnar Arnason.

After the Battle of Forever World, Divash joined the rest of the surviving OP112 crew on Starbase Aeon, where she was appointed CMO.

• Academy: 2375
• Assignment to Godwin: 2381
• Assignment to Gateway: 2386
• Assignment to Aeon: 2387

Notes of interest

Hobbies: dancing, puzzles, mystery novels, darts and throwing knives, adding notches to her bedpost

Personal Traits: Cheerful self-confidence, ready devil-may-care humor, and a tendency to be flirtateous (at least by human standards). It should be noted that while she prefers men, women and the various other genders found among galactic species are not entirely off her scope. She views sex is a form recreation and still finds the way other races attach so much emotional significance to it a bit puzzling. Among Orions loyalty and real emotional attachment are reserved for family and those friends who become as close and trusted as family. Divash usually comes across as friendly, but she has a sharp wit and doesn't hesitate to employ it when she thinks someone could stand a little verbal smack upside the head.

Other: Starfleet requires that she take pheromone suppressants, but they are not 100% effective. There's no real compulsion, but most men who spead any appreciable amount of time with her will fnd it (to quote the ST2009 novelization) 'chemically unavoidable' to notice that she's attractive.

Divash belongs to the Mozinphar caj, but family/clan/caj names are traditionally not shared outside trusted friends, so she is officially listed only as Divash in Starfleet files.

Leata.jpg Mother: Leatasisters:
Linaash.jpg Linaash haviv.jpg Haviv
Caruch-draiman.jpg paternal figure: Caruch

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