Doctor Petra Shannon

Doctor Petra Shannon is the Chief Medical Officer of Federation Outpost 112. Her medical jursidiction carries over to 0P112 assigned starships and K7 Space Station .


Rank: Doctor / Lt. Commander
Major Area of Study: Medical
Minor Area of Study: Biology

Race : Human
Place of Birth : Bingham, South Carolina
Home Planet : Earth

Age: 27
Height: 5’6
Weight: 130
Hair length: Long
Hair-color: Blonde
Eye color: Pale Blue
Complexion: Caucasian

Physical Description: Slender, but with a feminine figure. Freckles and pale skin. Large, strikingly pale eyes. Has dark lashes and brows, despite the paleness of her skin and hair. Hair is very straight and fine. Has graceful mannerisms.



Petra was adopted by a doctor and his wife who were unable to have children. She decided at an early age that her calling was to be a doctor. She also decided that she wanted to travel, so she enrolled in Starfleet Academy with a medical focus. Consistently scoring high on examinations, she made her way quickly through school and was assigned to a Starfleet ship for training.

Petra was assigned to Project Infinite and served on Starbase Trinity Core, also serving on a number of ships connected with the project. There she was reunited with her biological brother, Counselor Eric Lansing, and learned about her family.


Petra also met Bridging Runner Matt Blackfoot during her work at Trinity Core, as well as Evan McNamara. Petra and Blackfoot formed a strong bond, and she and her brother were instrumental in the redemption of Blackfoot's estranged daughter, Aasera. Petra also played a large part in saving McNamara's life when he was attacked and badly injured by Neilan Loran.


Petra kept in touch with Matt after the end of the project. While he encouraged her to develop her metaphysical talents, Petra found herself firmly rooted in her humanity and decided to continue serving Starfleet.

An adventurous spirit at heart, Petra asked to be assigned to the Gateway Sector. She hopes to continue caring for patients in the sector and has prepared herself for the possibility of war.


Petra was captured by the Gateway Resistance and her current location is unknown. It is a possibility that she may be deceased.

Notes of Interest

Petra was beginning to develop an odd sort of friendship with Evan McNamara before the end of Project Infinite separated them. She had a bit of a crush on him, but let that go in favor of Matt Blackfoot. When she arrives in the Gateway Sector, she and Matt have amicably parted ways.

Petra is currently dating Lt. Commander Val Gutierrez. He wants their relationship to be more serious, but for some reason, she is holding back.

Like her brother, Petra has a very distant relationship with her biological father, as he abandoned her when she was a baby and lied about her existence to Eric.

Personal Traits: Petra is quiet and unassuming, but firm in her convictions, with a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. She has a very strong moral code and an active conscience. She has high standards for herself and is easily frustrated by her own failures. Petra values life and will fiercely protect any sentient beings in danger. She is highly protective of her patients.

While once shy around males, Petra has developed more confidence in that arena, though she is still cautious, having been burned in a number of previous relationships. She is something of a hopeless romantic at heart, though she tries to keep this side of herself dormant in favor of caution.

Petra is currently in an exclusive romantic relationship with former college, Evan James McNamara.

Hobbies: Petra enjoys water sports—sailing, swimming, kayaking, waterskiing, etc. She also likes to read and can sometimes be caught with a romance novel in hand. She has something of an obsession with old-school ballroom dancing.

Father (adoptive): Dr. Nelson Shannon
Mother (adoptive): Nurse Trinity Robbins Shannon
Birth parents: Captain Trevor Lansing (retired) and Deirdre Lansing (deceased)
Brother: Counselor Eric Lansing