Dom Riser

Dom Riser is an extremely wealthy businessman who resides in Gateway City, Forever World. He is a billionaire and the richest man in Gateway City. Born on Earth, Dom later migrated to the Gateway Sector, where he made his fortune. It is unclear how he made all his money, but he is known to be a real estate mogul and has had various successes in the stock market. He also has a partnership with various Ferengi entrepreneurs.

Dom is considered the number one VIP guest at Heaven Nightclub and Holosuites. He had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Evan James McNamara. They respect each other greatly but they are competitive also. Both men are at the top at the Most Eligible Bachelors List in the Gateway Sector.

Notes of Interest

Dom is confident and a playboy. He enjoys the finer things in life and flaunts his wealth.

He is surprisingly religious.

In a surprise turn of events, it is revealed that Dom Riser is Merrisod, both names an anagram of each other.