Doyan Maror

Doyan Maror is the leader/dictator of the Sindareen Nation and Military. Born into power, Maror is considered generally apathetic to others and is enormously self-serving. Maror holds the title of “Doyan”, which is the Sindareen word of “Ultimate Leader”.

Maror’s selfishness is what drives his leadership mentality. He desires power and riches, and commands in such a way to gain more of both. The Sindareen military’s prime directive is to conquer other worlds and sectors, and to obtain more riches and resources.


Maror is not generally liked by his people, but that is not uncommon, as Sindareen are highly competitive with one another. Maror is a descendant of the Grax Family, the Sindareen family that has ruled all of Sindar for centuries. And although not originally the heir to the Sindareen Hierarchy, Maror’s maneuvering and treachery led him to become Doyan of the Sindareen Nation. It is believed that Maror hired assassins to murder the rightful heirs in his family in order to attain Sindareen rule. Once in power, Maror increased power to his military and personal protection. And any who spoke against Maror where quickly crushed by Maror’s military regime.

Maror is considered a poor leader in general, and the Sindar Homeworld has suffered under his rule. Poverty and disease ran rapid through Sindar for almost a decade. Only through the suggestions of advisors, did Maror finally take the steps necessary to help his planet.

Many have opposed Maror and some have tried to overthrow him, but due to his massive military and defense, all have failed, thus solidifying Maror’s reputation as a strong and ruthless leader.

And despite Maror’s selfish leadership, the Sindareen have gained recognition as a strong world throughout the galaxy, particularly in the eyes of Ferengi, Chal’noth, and Nausicans, whom have had multiple dealings with the Sindareen Government.

Maror continues to increase in wealth and power, and his most recent interest for both has brought the Sindareen Nation to the Gateway Sector.

Notes of Interest

Maror is selfish and lecherous. He has five mates, but pursues multiple women.

Maror is a paranoid person, always concerned for his own safety. He is always surrounded by bodyguards.

He loves gambling, competitive games, and women.