Dyson Fleck

Dyson Fleck is a former Starfleet Officer turned Gateway Resistance Freedom Fighter. Born on Forever World and raised on Kelari (Gateway Sector), Dyson has strong ties to the resistance movement. He is thought to be second under Marc Sekler in the Resistance Leadership.

Dyson was gravely wounded in 2386 on Eutonia, but there was no confirmation of his death.

Name: Dyson Everett Fleck
Department: Special Operations/SEALs

Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Major Area: Psychology
Minor Area: Leadership
Race: Human
Home Planet: Forever World
Gender: Male
Complexion: Ruddy tan
Age: 33
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 240 lbs
Hair Length/Color: Shorn black
Eye Color: Brown


Pre-Academy Years
Dyson grew up Forever World. When he was born, the planet was a remote Federation colony, making Dyson a Federation citizen like his mother. Dyson's father was estranged and the two would not meet until Dyson turned eighteen and was preparing for admission to Starfleet Academy. Dyson excelled in academics and athletics as a child. He was naturally charismatic and clever as a youth and was very popular amongst his peers.

Academy Information
Dyson excelled a Starfleet Academy academically, socially, and athletically. Dyson initially enrolled in order to pursue a degree in psychology and planned to become a clinical psychiatrist. He earned some of the highest marks in periodic intelligence testing and was considered a front-runner for class valedictorian until his senior year. Inexplicably, Dyson's grades suffered and he became withdrawn from his friends. Due to his prior academic excellence and impressive athletic prowess, he made a shift in preferred post-graduation assignments to special forces and was inducted into the special forces training program upon graduation. He graduated nineteenth in his class.

Cadet Deployment
Instead of a cadet deployment, Dyson was inducted immediately into the special forces training program due to the immediate demand for replacements during the Valkurak War. The war concluded before he completed training and Dyson did not see action. During training, his instructors remarked that he was withdrawn socially, but extremely competitive in all scored categories and consistently was amongst the top quarter of all trainees.

Service Record
Special Operations Training (SEAL), Ensign
Small Unit Tactics School, Ensign
Urban Warfare School, Ensign
SEAL Team 5, Squad Leader, Lieutenant J.G.
Separation by Court Martial, Commission Revoked

Court Martial Adjudication
During combat operations early in the Rukakon War, Dyson summarily executed a captured Cardassian soldier against direct orders from his platoon commander to not do so. His trial was postponed until after the war's conclusion and he was found to be guilty of disobeying a direct order, insubordination, and a charge of brutality toward a prisoner of war. Dyson was sentenced to eighteen months in a Starfleet detention facility on Europa and summarily dismissed from Starfleet upon release. Of the eighteen month sentence, he served sixteen months and was released into parolement under the Federation Marshals Service. Reference Starfleet Court Martial Proceeding Case Number 2382-459909.

Parole Record
Mr. Fleck completed the terms of his two month parole under the supervision of Marshal Marjani Wakesa. Mr. Fleck complied with the program begrudgingly and repeatedly stated his intent to return home to Kelari after it was completed. Mr. Fleck never mentioned regret, shame, or indicating in any way that he understood the brutality of the actions that led to his incarceration. During one of the weekly meetings with Marshal Wakesa, Mr. Fleck indicated that if faced with the same situation again in the future, he would not change his actions. It is the opinion of the Supervising Marshal that Mr. Fleck is not reformed from his incarceration, but rather has formed a contempt for Starfleet and the Federation as a result. Considering that Mr. Fleck intends to depart the Federation's jurisdiction upon completion of the program and the lack of a court order further detaining him, Mr. Fleck is hereby discharged from parole under satisfactory terms.

Last Known Whereabouts
Dyson Fleck was last registered within Federation territory at a interspace travel node on Betazed. His travel destination was Talar. He is a known associate of the criminal Mark Sekler and is thought to be the primary combat tactician for the Gateway Resistance.

Notes of Interest

Personal Traits
Dyson has burn scares on the left side of his face, which he received during the Battle of Kelari and an artificial heart received due to injuries endured during combat on Eutonia.

Dyson has a short fuse and displays little patience. This is a bad mix when it comes to his aggressive nature. He seldom shows mercy in combat. He has a bloodlust for Sindareen and Cardassians, and strongly resents the Federation and Starfleet following his separation from the service and loss of his commission.

Dyson is extremely intelligent. He is well-trained in combat operations, guerrilla tactics, and general psychology. Dyson was considered to be a fast-rising star in the special forces community until his brutality surfaced during the war.