Elana Calvos

Doctor Elana Calvos is assigned as a physician to Starbase Aeon. Since her specialty is virology, she spends the majority of her time doing medical research, but is also trained as a trauma surgeon as well.


Rank: Doctor / Lieutenant
Major Area of Study: Medicine
Minor Area of Study: Virology

Race: Human
Place of Birth: Santander, Spain, European Continent
Home Planet : Earth

Age: 26
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 132 lbs
Hair length: Chin-length
Hair-color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Complexion: Caucasian

Physical Description: Classically beautiful by human standards, with chin length dark brown hair that has a wavy aspect to it. She has a decorative tattoo on her left ankle.


Elana is the oldest of three children. Her parents were both physicians in Starfleet, but requested planet-side duty once they decided to have children. As a result she was raised in a seaside town in Northern Spain on the Atlantic coast.

She excelled in school and graduated from her secondary education early at fifteen years old and petitioned Starfleet for permission to attend Starfleet Academy. The Academy Superintendent granted early admission on her sixteenth birthday.

Elana excelled in science and mathematics courses while at the Academy. She participated in a number of social and academic societies while in attendance. Graduating in the top twenty percent of her class and the top three percent of all medical-path cadets, Elana had a prime packet for advanced medical training and was selected in the first selection panel for her graduating class. She was immediately transferred to the Starfleet Medical Academy for continued training as a surgeon.

During her advanced medical program, Elana excelled in trauma surgery and showed a an academic interest in virology. She co-authored a paper during her internship at McKinley Station's Leonard McCoy Memorial Hospital regarding the use of RNA-implanted viruses as a method of triggering advanced soft tissue healing methods as a compliment to dermal and subdermal regenerative methods already in use.

Following her internship, Dr. Calvos was promoted and assigned to the USS Southern Cross as Chief Medical Officer.

The USS Southern Cross was destroyed while she was temporarily assigned elsewhere and she is the only known survivor from that ship. As a result, she has developed a self-destructive streak due to survivor's guilt. She has been counseled by her commanding officer, Dr. Divash, and is currently under close observation by Dr. Wilhelm Graham, a civilian psychiatrist aboard Starbase Aeon.

Notes of Interest

Personality: Elana is extremely young as a physician and for having already been a Chief Medical Officer. Her inexperience shows every so often in her personal life rather than her professional life. She is a devoted doctor, but often exhibits a casual approach to officer-enlisted relations and does not expect formality when dealing with the rank structure of Starfleet. She is conscious of the presumptions most other doctors or personnel she deals with likely has regarding her age, so she goes above and beyond in terms of skill, being on top of the most advanced techniques and technologies, as well as being inventive and aggressive in her treatment regimens.

Personality: Cheerful, intuitive, extremely empathetic, and eager to make an impact. While her youthfulness may inhibit her with the political aspects of being a senior officer, her innate level of skill, intellect, grasp of newer technologies and techniques, as well as her training in virology gives her a strong foundation to be assigned as the senior medical officer aboard a deep space capable starship. Elana's only shortcoming is that she often does not see the personal faults in those she chooses to associate.

Father: Dr. Federico Calvos, M.D.
Mother: Dr. Arcelia Calvos, M.D.
Siblings: Gloria & Isidro Calvos

Service Record:
Starfleet Medical Academy, Surgical Student, Ensign
Leonard McCoy Memorial Hospital, McKinley Station, Intern, Lieutenant J.G.
USS Southern Cross, Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant
Starbase Aeon, Virologist/Surgeon, Lieutenant