Ensign Duncan Nash

Ensign Duncan Nash is an officer in the SEAL team assigned to the Gateway Sector.


Rank: Ensign
Department: Special Operations/SEALs
Major Area: Special Operations
Minor Area: Zero Gravity Operations

Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Gender: Male
Complexion: Light tan
Age: 24
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 194 lbs
Hair Length/Color: Short/Brown
Eye Color: Hazel


Early Development
Duncan grew up looking at the stars in a small home in the Rocky Mountains of Earth. He was very intelligent but reluctant to apply himself to his studies; Duncan benefited more from experiential learning as opposed to classrooms. He was highly adaptable, always seeking out challenging scenarios on Earth. His friends affectionately referred to him as a true 'native Terran' because of his fondness for nature and ability to survive low-tech in sparsely-populated portions of the planet.

His parents encouraged him to use his 'book smarts' to attend private institutions and go into academia as a career, but Duncan was reluctant to stick to that path. He feared he would eventually die of boredom or become generally unhappy, so he joined Starfleet. For their part, his parents seemed mildly supportive although Duncan suspected they were disappointed.

Time in 'Frisco
As per usual, Duncan made only average grades in the classroom. In physical fitness challenges, Duncan exhibited an unusual ability to 'train up' to a higher level in a much faster time than others. He also predictably excelled in Starfleet survival scenarios in hostile planetary climates. Because of these marks, he was recommended for the full zero-g combat training in his second year (instead of the third year, where it is typical).

In the third year, he assisted the instructors in training the second-year cadets. Duncan's instructors recognized the young cadet's leadership potential and his obvious concern for fellow cadets. Duncan asked his instructors to recommend him to the Special Operations School and applied for the extremely-exclusive program. He was initially rejected because of less-than-amazing grades, but Duncan reapplied and the Selection Board gave him a chance.

At Starfleet BUD/S, Duncan specialized in tracking and intrusion, displaying an unusual proficiency in anticipatory military tactics, for a species with no prescient or telepathic gifts. He made record marks in the null-grav combat training exercises, displaying almost no disorientation or nausea while completing the objectives in record time.

Service Record
Starfleet BUD/S, Ensign
Tracking & Intrusion Training, Ensign
Surveillance & Reconaissance Training, Ensign

Extended Low-Grav and Null-Grav Training, Ensign
SEAL Team 2, Squad Leader, OP112, Ensign

Notes of Interest

Personal Traits:
Duncan has a scar on his left bicep from a cutlass duel on the holodeck with safeties off. His lungs have exceptionally-large capacity, which probably saved his life in a training simulation gone wrong on the ocean planet of Pacifica.

Duncan is highly intelligent and knows it. He's a bit arrogant and sarcastic, but his blend of exterior confidence and teasing sarcasm plays well with the opposite sex. Still, these same traits also tend to keep women at a distance, and he hasn't had a long-term relationship in some time.

Duncan expects integrity from his superiors and maximum effort from his subordinates. He follows orders that he understands from people he respects, but he's been known to disobey orders he believes lack a basis in integrity or reasonableness, or from people he does not trust. While some officers respect Duncan's independent mind, this stubbornness has also probably slowed his advancement in rank somewhat.

He is not especially competitive with friends or teammates, preferring to find a close-knit group and compete with them against other groups. In spite of his outward attitude, Duncan is fiercely loyal to any friends or teammates, and he would do anything for a fellow SEAL team member.

As part of Duncan's low-tech youth hobbies, he developed an interest (and proficiency) in bladed weaponry. He is most talented with a middleweight blade, such as a cutlass or a saber from Terran history, although he is quite familiar with light weapons such as a fencing epee, or heavy weapons like a claymore. In fact, one of the few permanent possessions Duncan has is an old Terran claymore from the British Isles on Earth.

Duncan also has a particular interest in both Terran and alien philosophies. He enjoys studying cultural mythology on the origins of existence, life, death, and afterlife.

Father – Connor Nash
Mother – Rachel Nash
Siblings – Lisa Nash, Mary Nash, (both younger)